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On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas, Retro Gave To Me…

So this is Christmas. In reality, it’s not all that different from other Christmases. There’s snow outside, a fire inside, gifts under the tree…well, unless you don’t celebrate Christmas and find it all just one big consumer monstrosity. But that’s ok, because hiding under all those layers of consumerism is the true spirit of Christmas, full of good will towards men and happiness to all. And really, when we were young, fruitful, and full of spirit, what was it under the Christmas tree that brought so much joy to our youth? Why of course. Sonic the Hedgehog!

I remember Christmas of 1991, when I first got my hands on a brand new Sega Genesis with the original Sonic the Hedgehog packaged within. All the hours spent playing it, mastering it, waiting for the sequel, and all the other games that would come afterwards…I’m pretty sure Sonic 2 came next Christmas for me. But this isn’t about my personal experiences with Sonic and Christmas. That would just get boring. You can pretty much assume that anyone who writes for this site has a fondness for the blue blur that stemmed from childhood, and not twenty paragraphs explaining that.

Sure, you can go ahead and say the only reason anyone ever links Sonic with Christmas is because of the huge sales glut that happens this time of year, but I’d like to think there’s a little more to it than that. It’s a little known fact that Sonic’s shoes gained their coloring from Jolly Ol’ St. Nick himself, and maybe just a little bit of that happy fellow filtered through to his character. Santa did choose Sonic to be his successor in the syndicated Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. And even though Oshima isn’t the creative force behind the style of the Sonic series anymore, Uekawa has been known to slip Sonic inside a Santa suit a time or two. Heck, there are images of him like that on the Sonic Adventure GD-Rom (if you put it in your computer. Oh man 1998 Easter eggs)! And who doesn’t like that image of Sonic sitting on the couch, reading a book, the tree lit up, the image of Tails peering through a closed window…

…oh man, Sonic’s a dick even in the games.

I guess maybe the point of all this is that, when you get right down to it, Sonic the Hedgehog, be it the classic games or the newer style, means something to all of us. And as the last few days of the year go by and people reminisce about the year that’s passed, it’s hard not to think back even further, to when we were just kids who didn’t know what a website was, or that SegaSonic the Hedgehog even existed. To a time when holding that black, three buttoned controller was the best feeling in the world. That we could escape to a place we could only dream of beforehand. The world of Sonic, Tails, and Dr. Eggman. Of good versus evil. When things made sense, and the biggest arguments were on the playground over who was better – Sonic or Mario.

So it only makes sense that on this Christmas day, with the wrapping paper on the ground and Sonic Colors firmly inside your Nintendo Wii, that we step back to 1995, when no one questioned if Sonic was good or bad, and the best bet on the web for all things Sonic was a little resource page in the land of rat. So sing along if you can…especially if you’re old enough to drink.

The Chaotix Carols – Only for Sonic fans

One day all the Knothole Village was alone in the dark wihout happines or any
soul over there. Because of Robotnik’s schemes. There was a mess between debris
roboticized furs. But suddenly our hero Sonic appeared from the nothing with his
team. There were Knuckles,Charmy Bee,Vector,Mighty,Sally,Antoine.Bunny.Amy,
Tails and Dulcy. They came over from the forest with a great Christmas tree and
they were singing..

You know to Knuckles and Sonic and Vector,
and Charmy and Mighty but…
you wont see on another time a
fur like Espio the Chameleon!!

Espio the purple-horned Chamaleon
He was so colorish than he can get lost in the snow
but you will identify him about his horn.

All the Chaotix laughed at him but then
something happened and his life changed.

Then one foggy Christmas eve
Knuckles came to say
“Espio you will save the night
with your bright horn to Robotnik
you will confuse on our plan.

All the Chaotix loved him and
they never more laughed at him.
Espio the purple-horned Chameleon
who will never go down in history.

C’mon Sonic that s not good better let’s sing Jingle “Bots”

Sonic and Knuckles sang:
Jingle bots Jingle bots
Robotnik is bad and fat
It s time for make him round.Hey!
Jingle bots Jingle bots
Snively has a needle nose
today is day for happiness
Way Cool. Yeah!
Sonic and Knuckles hi-fived each other….”Cool, bro!

Tails came behind them…”Hey I prefer this other one….

We wish we wish you a freedom day,,we wish we wish you happiness,
We wish we wish you a holy ring…and a happy Mobius.
Sonic added:
Good chilidogs for all of your fur… we wish you a good meal.

The Chaotix team sang:

On the twelve days of Christmas my loved sent to me
A green emerald
two Sonic dolls
three Sonic Comics
FFOOOUUR Holy rings
Charmy:shahahahlalala! Vector:On Christmas Espio:My loved sent to me
Mighty:On the twelve days of Christmas eve..
Knuckles:My loved sent to me.four holy rings…

Finally the FF …the best song is the drummer squirrel
I come over with my
rum pum pum pum
I m in front of Jesus
rum pum pum pum
There is any other thing
to offer you rum pum pum
The only I can honor you is
with my rum pum pum rum
rum pum pum pum
rum pum pum pum
God smiled at me
rum pum pum pum


All the FF turned round to Sonic who shouted…Sonic tapped tapped on the floor and
crossed his arms. “Cant you look at the best carol for this time?”
All them look each other and said…NO! What’s the best song for singing?

After they were singing “Silent Mobius Night!

Silent Mobius Night
Holy emerald ring Night
All brights shiny and clear.
Robotnik’s gone forever
and Mobius is happy.
Now all we stand in a whole family
Sleeep in heavenly peace…PEEEAAAACEEEE!(Sonic-shout)
Sleeep in heavenly peace….
Tails and Amy very softly:The peace reigns again.

Sonic took a sleigh and sang up with his Chaotix friends

Sonic is coming to town
Knuckles you have to let your open window
and you Tails too because
Sonic is coming to towwwnnn!

Knuckles sang:
When he came over here I ll be ready
for him and his Christmas gifts I will receive
but sssh dont tell nobody I ll be hide.
Tails sang:
But when all the world is asleep
I ll be inside the chest and I will fly
into his arms…He will get surprised.
Chaotix choir
Sonic is coming to town
Sonic is coming to town.
Salallalalllala. salallalaa.
salalalaal Sonic is coming to town…..!!!!!

Sally said…now Bunny and Amy,,,one,two three
Oh White Christmas, with your love
bright will reign on Mobius the peace,
Will be forever and there……(The boys sigh*ahhhaaaa*)
On Mobius forever happy..C’mon now all

Oh White Mobius bright, with your
lovely peace to the whole planet
the peace.Sleep and dream in peace.
Dream on a peaceful time.

Now we wish you happiness and peace for you…..The FF and Chaotix team wish you
the best for you and Merry Christmas!!!!

So yes, from all of us at Sonic Retro to all of you out there, Merry Christmas.

…and a partridge in a pear tree!

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  • Reply

    Ahh Sonic will always be linked to Christmas with me πŸ™‚

    Waking up in the early 90s on Christmas and getting Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles was just the best day ever.

    I remember getting Sonic 3D blast one Christmas and it blew my mind “Oh my god its like its in 3D” ahh the innocent days ^__^

  • Reply

    “And a Hedgehog in a Nanite city!”

    Merry Christmas, Sonic Retro. When we look back at how Sonic is good and was getting better, SEGA’s repeating the process so far and maybe it’ll stay like that this time.

    Once again, Merry Christmas, everyone.

  • Reply

    Merry Christmas everyone! You especially, Sonic!

  • Reply

    It’s been 11 years, I think, since Christmas in which I got a Sonic 3 copy under my Christmas tree. All the excitement of the Christmas, all that joy, I will never forget those ‘Christmas-es’. Maybe those innocent days were happier, but, In some way or another, I feel good. I still have that Genesis, stored in a box, gathering dust, but sometimes I put it to work again. For SEGA, two words: Old School. πŸ˜›
    I will turn off the music on Sonic Colors, I don’t like it at all, or at least the main tune.
    Well, Merry Christmas for everyone!! Cheers from Argentina! FELIZ NAVIDAD! I don’t speak English very well, and I can’t trust on Google Translator πŸ˜›

    • Reply

      Actually, that English was flawless.

      • Reply

        Thx :D, but really, sometimes I doubt a lot of Google Translator accuracy. But it’s still “a-lot-better” (if I can use that expression) than Babelfish πŸ˜›

  • Reply

    One of my pressents was Colours.

  • Reply

    Perhaps Sonic and Christmas are linked because they both have fat, red-coated men with large amounts of facial hair that say “Ho Ho Ho!”.

    • Reply


      • Reply

        I’m going to steal all the presents under the tree of the player furthest away from the Precioustone!

  • Reply

    Amy’s really showing off her ass in that picture.

    (somebody had to mention it)

  • Reply

    Tag: Tails in a window

  • Reply

    As far as I remember, the onyl Sonic item I’ve gotten on Christmas was this awesome Classic Sonic keychain that I got htis year. Unless I got my Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure on a Christmas.


  • Reply

    Never associated Sonic with Christmas honestly. Shadow of the Colossus on the other hand…

  • Reply

    Yes.. I have gotton alot of Sonic things for Christmas as too.. *smiles* A Sonic Doll, Sonic Colors/Colours, Sonic Pillowcase, and a Sonic Purse! ^_^

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