On The Ninth Day Of Christmas, Retro Gave To Me…

…British men playing Sonic on the telly.

Though us “crazy Americans” had a show or two about video games in the 90’s that never went anywhere, our fellow Sonic fans “across the pond” were lucky that they got numerous shows that lasted for numerous “series.” (see guys they don’t call a years’ worth a “season.” Sure that maybe one of you learned something today!)

The granddaddy of them all was a little show called Gamesmaster, which was half review show, half video game competition, and altogether awesome. And a little freaky (there’s this floating head you see oh god what is that).

For it’s sixth series’ Christmas special, the producers decided to have a “Christmas quiz show” and…well, take a look for yourself:

Oh, I wonder how many of you were yelling at the telly when you heard the first guy give his answer. And how you laughed at the second. Either way, the year previous, Gamesmaster did another Christmas special, which was more of a glorified clip show than anything else. Sprinkled between the clips were the “5 Games That Changed The World,” and who came in at number five? C’mon it’s not that hard to guess…

Pretty impressive, until you find out that Ridge Racer was number two.

Seeing as this show was on the air for some time, quite a few Sonic games cropped up. Heck, there was a whole special dedicated Sonic the Hedgehog 2! Too bad I can’t find it on YouTube. Heck, I had to go super deep to find a copy of the Sonic CD review they did in series 3. I’m expecting at least one person to rage in the comments section below after watching it (very excited).

Yep, that was the problem with Sonic CD – Sonic jumped. Wouldn’t want that in a platforming game. Especially one that is basically a reimagining of the original. Methinks the reviewers just couldn’t handle the special stages.

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    @sonic cd review

    Well, I agree that the better hardware didn’t make cd better than the genesis games gameplay wise. But their reasoning were just idiotic. Dirty ass mofos :p

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      Also, something about Mario Kart and originality. What.

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    I can’t hear the second guy’s answer in the first clip… it sounds like he’s saying that he’s going to hit the tree, and a “cokemas” would come out. 

    (While I was typing this, I realized that he was saying “coconut”. Apparently the video’s sound quality isn’t the best.)

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    Man, fuck those last guys sideways. Sonic CD was a bitchin’ game, I loved it.

    Okay, apparently they did too. They just didn’t like that it was like Sonic 1 and that the Special Stage looked like Mario Kart. It doesn’t. It’s in the same perspective, but by that logic Space Harrier is a rip-off of Mario Kart, ignoring chronology here.

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    “Behind Michael Jackson and Mickey Mouse”

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      I’ve got some serious doubts on Michael Jackson.

      And Mickey as well, anywhere past the year 2001.

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    The magazine tie-in gave Sonic 2 a pretty bad review in their very first issue, 65% I believe!

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    I’m a regular poster on the Gamesmaster TV site which features all but 2 episodes. I could probably find the sonic 2 episode!

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