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On The Seventh Day Of Christmas, Retro Gave To Me…

…a trailer to a live-action fan film.

Ok, so it doesn’t roll of the tongue very well. In the same token, I’ve been informed that the twelve days is supposed to start on Christmas Day, not the other way ’round. But I’ve already started, so there’s no use turning back!

And if I had started then…well, you wouldn’t be able to have watched this:

That’s right. Return to Little Planet 2, the sequel to the conveniently named Return to Little Planet, is meant to be revealed on New Years Day, 12:01 A.M. So after you kiss that special someone, you can run off and watch a grown man pretend to be Sonic the Hedgehog. I’m especially looking forward to the intense “shaving of the face” scenes featured in the trailer.

For those not in the know, the Return to Little Planet series is the brainchild of one Jim Sass, who wrote, directed, and also happened to star in the first movie. Gathering a group of individuals who may or may not be his friends in real life (I don’t know this man’s social calender, after all) they filmed a seventy-eight minute “epic” that…well, it had Shadow in it. So there’s a bit of Chaos Control, a bit of Time Travel, and a bit of Sally doing nothing at all. And although the beginning of the movie mentions “the moon of Mobius is called ‘The Little Planet‘” I can’t recall a single scene where they are on that planet of miracles. Or when they return there. Maybe I just missed it, eh Sass?

Also, if you download the full original film you get not one, not two, but three intros to the film. Followed by a scene establishing who Sonic is.

…I’m starting to go into review mode again oh god. Must distract myself with earlier trailer for sequel from Summer of Sonic 2010:

…why are there girls trying to kill Sonic and Knuckles with machine guns? Why is there a man wearing a wife-beater? Why did Sonic fall in a pool?! What in the world is going on?!

Well, I suppose we’ll all have to tune in to The Sonic Show on January 1st to find the answer to these and other burning questions. At least the trailer keeps one thing in character – that Dr. Eggman is a mack-pimp-daddy.

But in all seriousness, in a world where fanfilms have become the new wave of fanfiction, it is nice to know that there is one man out there who has finished not one, but two of these things. Jim Sass, never change 😉

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  • Reply

    You forgot to talk about the physics.

    • Reply

      If I had, people would have complained that I can’t know how it is until the final product is out.

  • Reply

    Why are there so many fucking fan films being made?

    • Reply

      I dunno, but there are a LOT. Ever hear of Apokélypse? I would never expect something like that to be made. Ever.

      And when I thought I saw it all, I saw this trailer. ._.

  • Reply

    What the hell? Assault rifles? Little girls?!

    • Reply

      Its Sonic’s turn now.

  • Reply

    There Will Be Brawl and the Mega Man fan-film are both actually really good films. Not just for faithfully working with the source material, but also having pretty well-written scripts and good acting.

  • Reply

    I actually have a lot of faith in the RTLP series.

  • Reply

    I am so sick of people trying to make Sonic into a live action ANYTHING.

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