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Sharpie Dotifier Draws Sonic the Hedgehog

DIY robotics site PyroElectro makes some pretty neat inventions: a short-range personal radar, a G-Force meter, and a tank that can follow drawn lines. Their most recent invention—the Sharpie Dotifier—is a robotic arm that can draw pictures. Of course, the logical choice of “what to draw?” is…Sonic the Hedgehog.

You can learn how to make your own Sharpie Dotifier, for those who like to mess around with electronics, at the PyroTechno website.

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    Hm, not too bad I guess. Pretty neat, actually.

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    I never knew what sharpie dotter was before, but this is pretty cool.

    I didn’t expect him to look like sonic, because of how it was scanning across, but it was extremely cool to watch.

    Now if this could try the rest of his body…

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    This reminds me of the machine at a local museum that will draw someone’s face.

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    Ha. Very neat. I didn’t actually expect it to do it up and down though, but it’s much better this way.

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    So it’s basically a printer, but with a sharpie.
    Still pretty cool.

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    I’ll just use my printer, thanks.

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