New iPod Nano Modded Into Old Dreamcast VMU

iPod Nano 6th Gen inside Dreamcast VMU

Apple and Sega have had a pretty good relationship getting games onto the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Even Sonic 4 is going to run on their devices! For some people though that just isn’t quite integrated enough. A dedicated SEGA fan in Japan decided to take advantage of the new iPod Nano’s tiny-as-hell form factor and mod one of his old Dreamcast VMU’s to fit it inside. And boy is it a great looking fit. Is that picture up there not good enough? Well here’s a nice video to accompany it. Below the video, you’ll find the original page for the mod that has a slew of photos as well as a walk-through of how it was done in case you feel like doing this yourself.

Want to talk about it? Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know if you think it’s cool or would rather see someone put an iPod Touch into a Game Gear. Or why not join the forum discussion?

Original: Goteking (NOTE: In Japanese)

Everyone else who loved it and posted it: Gizmodo, Kotaku, Geek.com, Engadget

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    Not bad man… Not bad at all…

    Give you $50 for it.

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    it’s…so….beautiful :’)


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    Nice. Maybe I can somehow use my iPod nano to fit IT into something…. *disassembles a genesis cartridge*

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