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IGN: Minecart in iPhone Sonic 4 better than others

Easy, put down the flamethrowers and the “IGN = IGNorant” signs for a moment.

IGN recently put up its preview of the iPhone version of Sonic 4, often forgotten about in comparison to its console-based counterpart. The iPhone version is notable in that it has two exclusive acts, those being the controversial among fans minecart stage in Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 2 and pinball score attack stage in Casino Street Zone Act 2.

Well, according to the writer Levi Buchanan, the stage fans trashed into oblivion to the point Sega was forced to change it is much more fun than the new console iteration.

Here’s why: Sonic has a tendency to get away from himself. Granted, that’s by design. Sonic is all about speed and you’re supposed to get going as fast as you can, blasting through stages with the constant fear that one false move will send your 112 rings into the gutter. But that doesn’t necessarily appeal to me anymore. In fact, I’m sure I groaned aloud many times at SEGA’s office when I was cruising toward the finish line only to fail a small jump and drop onto some spikes.

Buchanan also enjoys the tilting mechanism due to the “sense of exploration as you tilt Sonic through the maze in his cart, looking for bumpers to blast you across chasms or finding the switch to open a sealed door.” It’s also very hard for the player to lose a life on the stage, which Buchanan likes a lot.

Platformers usually don’t fair well when moved over to the iSeries of devices, so it’s likely the tilting nature of the level and the reduced death factor help with this version. Do you think this shows a good divide with how different the typical iPhone games player is versus a typical console player?

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    Well, I hope the fans are proud of themselves.

    On the other hand, IGN says a lot of things. I don’t know who to trust!

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      the fans complaied about the console iteration of it because it wasnt suited to consoles. id say they are prety proud of themselfs.

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      “Well, I hope the fans are proud of themselves.”


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    One look at this an the minecart song from DKC immediately started in my mind. 😀

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    first best minecart = tazmania

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    Well, ain’t that a bitch. Good for iPhone users then.

    I know I would’ve liked to [i]try[/i] the minecart out. I didn’t think it was quite as atrocious as most people intimated, but what are people going to do when it comes to Sonic? Sometimes complaining is good, other times it turns out to be bad. You can never be certain with SEGA or with the fans, it seems.

    Speaking more technically, though, perhaps this is an indictment of the floaty physics combined with a little too much speed brought on by Sonic’s own potential and the boosters and bumpers strewn about everywhere. The minecart was the one thing that was different, though, and different is scary apparently.

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    I still prefer the way the console iteration turned out. Not only did we get some original ideas thrown in, but we also dodged a whole act that seems to be void of challenge and full of simplicity.

    …but to be fair, I can’t compare just the two mine cart sections of each act without playing it.

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    The main problem the minecart faced, at least on the Xbox 360, was a double shot by strange physics and collision and how odd the tilt mechanism worked (use LT/RT.) Basically, to jump over a gap, you needed to be actively pressing a button to tilt and pressing the jump button to keep momentum. It’s really odd since, intuitively, you should have to tilt the stage a certain degree and have momentum automatically adjusted.
    I doubt this would have been as awkward on the PS3 and Wii with their motion controls, but it now gives the iDevice version an added selling point.

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    Eh. The minecart isn’t a big loss. This is Sonic 4, people. The biggest gimmick should be the homing attack. That said, when all the episodes are released on one disc (which, trust me, WILL happen), I wouldn’t be surprised if some bonus features popped up like alternate stages.

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    Main thing from the review is that the person doesn’t like speed that much anymore. So take it with a grain of salt

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    MAN WHERE DO YOU GUYS FIND THESE THINGS!! Also (in my opinion) Sonic 4 is the most anticipating part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series! I’m gonna get Sonic 4 Eps: 1 for iPhone, iPod touch (yes i have both) and wii (when I get wifi)

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    well i think the ipod version is like going to be and handheld version and the sonic model is like the sonic rush model a bit

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    So…Buchanan basically likes the level because it isn’t really like the oldschool Sonic and it’s very easy? Guess he should play Sonic Colors then…

    I haven’t played any iteration of the game yet, so I can’t give my personal opinion on it. But since it is supposed to be a direct sequel to Sonic 3 (&Knuckles) it should be just as easy to die as it was in that game.

    Just my two rings worth.

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    This is amazing!!! (yes its me again lol)

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    IGN has got to be getting cuts from Apple. Its been publishing articles left and right about how the iPhone/Touch is becoming a serious competitor in the video game industry and how Nintendo needs to “watch out.” I see why people find potential in making the cellular and video game industry hand in hand, but IMO I’m just not comfortable leaving video games in the hands of the same corporation that damn well monopolized the music industry.

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