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Sonic 3D Blast on Steam: $5 of pure sadness and tears

While I was recording the Sonic Retro podcast with the rest of the crew here (it may quite possibly be our fourth attempt on getting an acceptable fourth podcast), the issue of SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Classics pack now being available on Steam came up, along with the issue of the game’s filesize (reported on the pre-purchase page to be 50MB, but in actuality… 107MB.) In the interest of SCIENCE (and proving that I have no issue with spending $5 of my own money on pointless purchases), I bit the bullet and bought a Steam copy of Sonic 3D Blast.

Why they’re pairing the Sonic 3D: Flickies’ island wordmark and horrendous Sonic render I’ll never know.

I went ahead and installed the game, and I must say–I’m incredibly underwhelmed. Now, given that this is basically a glorified emulator frontend, I had low expectations to begin with, but as I played it became clear why Sega never released any promotional screenshots for this game–and no, I don’t know why that one screenshot shows up oddly in gallery; it’s correct in full-size.

Needless to say, this has been a pretty large disappointment and I would recommend you spend your hard-earned 5bux on a used copy of Sonic Mega Collection Plus for the PC instead.

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  • Reply

    Why the shit does a fucking skinned emulator and a ROM need to be 107MB?

    And for that matter, with that size couldn’t they have just thrown the PC version on Steam and been done with it?

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    Or buy a copy of the Saturn version on eBay and play it in SSF. (Saturn version made the game not only tolerable, but even enjoyable)

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      It’s funny that you mention the Saturn version, as it dawned on me after writing this that I should have just recommended the PC port of the Saturn version. It’d also be around $5 right now with no emulator needed.

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        I would recommend it too (as it was my first ever Sonic game and I still have it!) but it has some pretty annoying compatibility issues on WinXP and newer from my own experience.

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    What the hell happened to Green Grove’s Palette in the bottom left screenshot?

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    How dare they ruin this fantastic game! When the original came out for 60 dollars, it blew everyone’s panties off with the amazing new 3D graphics (take that Star Fox!) and the highly enjoyable gameplay. And now, 36 years later, we get this terrible emulation that adds nothing to the master piece that is Sonic 3D Blast?

    I also entirely agree on the fact that European developed games should not use the European art; what were they thinking?!

    And 107 MBS?! Whoaa!!! It is not like this comes with huge PDF files to support many languages or anything. There is no excuse in this age of floppy disc Drive B storage; what a shite load of fuck!

    Furthermore, how dare they charge a whopping 5 dollars for a game when they should be charging 5 florins; play the shitty games that suck ass!

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      Since this wades into Poe’s Law territory:
      1. Bear in mind the price of this title is $5 while all other Mega Drive titles on Steam are $3.
      2. Sonic Mega Collection Plus only cost $30 or so at retail and had a dozen titles.
      3. There is no PDF file accompanied by this download; the size is most likely attributable to there being one piece of software and digital keys being used to unlock other MD titles. Given that the original ROM is only 4MB, the size is worth noting.
      4. The European wordmark never used “3D Blast,” so it was specifically made for this release. It just seems strange to me in lieu of better American artwork, but that’s ultimately an aesthetic thing more than anything else.

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        Why exactly would anyone care about a terrible game being released cheaply?

        And it costs more since it has Sonic in the title.

        About MC+… I doubt they make much money off that any more, and from my experience with it, it runs poorly.

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      36 years later? o.O The game came out in 1996. xP

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    107 Mb? I’ve seen Sega Mega-CD Isos smaller than this. Sometimes Steam isn’t the best site to buy games 

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    107 Mb? I’ve seen Sega Mega-CD Isos smaller than this. Sometimes Steam isn’t the best site to buy games. (Sorry if this comment was duplicated)

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