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Sonic Adventure homing in on PSN

Keeping in line with that leaked document last year that detailed plans to bring Dreamcast titles to Sony’s PlayStation Network service, an ESRB filing shows that Sonic Adventure will also be making its way to the PlayStation 3.

The Xbox 360 is also listed, though its existence has been known about (unofficially) for quite a while. Sega has yet to officially reveal the titles arriving on the two services.

While the 360 version is based off the PC port of Sonic Adventure DX, it’s unknown if the PS3 version will be the same, though extremely likely. However, the rating lists entries for both versions of the game.

What’s your take? Will you be picking this up if the price is right or has the title aged unfavorably for you?

[Via Siliconera]

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    I don’t know, the increase in violent content seems out of place and might prevent me from enjoying this game.

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    I’ll be picking it up, I’ve been wanting to play it again for a long time. I never had a Dreamcast or a Gamecube, but I’d always play it at a friend’s house.

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    According to Sega-Europe’s blog, this’ll be a Dreamcast port:

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    Hmm, hopefully they stay true to the Dreamcast version of the game, but I’d love to see them include the Metal Sonic from the DX version, or even if they would expand the “Super Sonic” character to finally be usable outside of the final battle. Even if it were simply just a costume-change, there was always something fun about playing “Super Saiyan Sonic” 😛

    They damn-well better incluse 16:9 ratio support, though; using “borders” makes a game feel so much older. I will say, though, that aside from some laughable lip-syncing animations, the Dreamcast version has held up remarkably well. Ironically, the DX version didn’t hold up nearly as well, between an unstable framerate, coupled with the stupid decision to make all of the character models appear “shiny” and plastic.

    So long as the price is right, I’ll definitely be interested in checking it out on the 360. But if they go the extra mile, and use the Dreamcast verion, whilst also adding the DX-exclusive Metal Sonic and perhaps an improved Chao system, they could probably just keep my wallet.

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    eh … it will be the same. the back cover of sadx said violence as well

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    They said the Name is going to be Sonic Adventure but is going to be mixed with the orginal DC elements and the GC elements will be mixed…Oh and Metal Sonic is confirmed as unlocking him is and achievment Hope dis helps

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    i don’t have a PS3 or an XBOX 360 but it sounds fun. Yea i want Metal sonic to be unlockable to And super Sonic outside the final play field. Oh and hope there will be Sonic Tails Amy Knuckles Big Gamma and Super Sonic Chao already unlock in there.

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