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Two new Sonic games announced

Contrary to what you may think, the two newest Sonic games coming out this year aren’t coming to the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3 or Xbox Live Arcade–they’re just coming straight to the arcade. Sega Amusements USA has released two new arcade games under their new “Sonic Allstars” (no apparent relation to Sega All-Stars) series: Sonic Air Hockey and Sonic Basketball.

Sonic Air Hockey table

Sonic Air Hockey is an air hockey game utilizing the Sonic character and first of the Sonic Allstars lineup. The unit is all dressed up in bright white and Sega blue, the Sonic Allstars branding with a giant Sonic right on the surface of the playfield. This air hockey table is suitable for 2~4 players with a wider playing surface to accommodate 4 players. The unit has a built in ticket dispenser for redemption with an adjustable ticket payout, and the Sonic Allstars line enables operators to build a Sega / Sonic themed area in their locations. It features a polycarbonate scratch-free playfield, redemption ticket payout, electronic coin mech, 2 & 4 player available, neon overhead lights, aluminum body, side and center safe guards, chasing LED lights, time / score display, and Sega-branded pucks.

Sonic Basketball

Sonic Basketball is a ticket redemption game with a built in ticket dispenser, where players are challenged to hit the target scores to move onto the next level and to try to beat the highest score. With each level cleared, the game play will change, the level of difficulty increasing with each stage. The title features include linking up to 15 units, original hip-hop mix music, a high quality bass speaker, built-in ticket dispenser, and Sega-branded basketballs.

Keep a lookout for both of these new machines at your local arcade!

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  • Reply

    I must admit, I thought this was an early April Fool’s gag when the tweet showed up on my desktop. Hope to see these at my local Dave and Busters.

  • Reply

    heh, the title was very misleading. I thought “console gaming” as soon as I saw it

  • Reply

    Local Arcade?

    What is that?

    • Reply

      the one closest to you

  • Reply

    Local arcade? Now that’s a riot.

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    Sweet! I really wanna play that air hockey one! I hope the Game Trax arcade in the mall near my place gets it!

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    YEEEAAAAHH!!!!! I used to be a spineless creep that didn’t get the ladies, but here’s my chance at ultimate fame! This summer I will be…. A SONIC ALL-STAR! I’ll rise through the ranks, battle terrible school bullies, and defeat the ultimate rival (his true identity is a mystery, but that’s part of what makes him so ultimate-like and rival-like)!

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    I wonder how long these games would last… I’ll admit, the idea of a Sonic air hocky and basketball game sounds interesting, but I can’t help but wonder how long that they’ll be kept in arcades, because from what I can see these games were only created to advertise the Sonic series, and if they successfully do their job, than games like them would never be made again unless needed for some reason.

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