SEGA you clever clever troll…

Alright so it’s offical. SEGA is totally screwing with us as Compsense has pointed out on the forums. Take a look here:

As you can see here, SEGA’s website has offered an additional hidden graphic which names the N2 platform as the fourth release platform for Sonic 4. This is strange considering SEGA already slipped a graphic that the iPhone was the last platform.

For those who don’t know, the N2 is an arcade game platform built on Nvidia graphics technology and very easy to port to PC. So this begs the question: Did SEGA anticipate our snooping after all? Or are they adjusting their marketing to suit it? Whatever the case SEGA, keep doing it. It’s far more entertaining then the past few Sonic games. But hopefully not as fun as Sonic 4 should be.

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    Given that the iPhone rumor comes from an image obtained in the same way, what makes that lead any more credible than this one? Especially given that the N2 arcade platform makes an easy platform from which to port to PC, Mac, [b]and[/b] iPhone.

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    I will be heartbroken if it’s not, after all, on the iPhone. iPhone and Sonic are literally the two things that make my life worth living.

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    Well sadly, I don’t think they are goign to used the System N2 for it anymore, because the second picture that says july 2010, so it’s probably the new one. Maybe they put it there so we can find it and learn about plans that they originlly were intending. =( i really want an arcade cabinet with sonic 4 in it ='(

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    I wish they’d release this game on PC, that would really make my day. :L

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    Nintendo’s next hand held is supposed to have Nvidia graphics.

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    Sega you actually knew we Sonic fans are snooping around. Your playing tricks with us.

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    Aww… I was hoping for a PSP Store/DSi Shop release…


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