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Sonic Retro Podcast No. 2

So it’s been a while…a long while…since we’ve posted a new podcast recording. However those who pay attention to the topic post feeds for the forum might’ve noticed a topic in the staff lounge about bringing the podcast back. Well it wasn’t just a bunch of bull shit guys! We decided to actually do it!

This week we decided to look are a pretty wide range of interests in the Sonic community. In fact we hit the ground running with the discussion of Rotor’s alleged sexuality and from there, get into a pretty deep discussion about the Sonic Archie universe. We even take a look into the mind and character of Dr. Robotnik AKA Eggman to find out he might not be quite so evil and instead just a jackass.

We also talk over TSSZ News and the man who runs it, Tristan. And we say things like (EDIT – Inflamatory – T). But after all the drama, we go ahead and discuss one of the more positive aspects of the community which is the hacks! In particular, we talk about Sonic Boom and how much we both love it hate its difficulty. After that, we give Sonic 2 LD a bit of a spotlight which is a pretty cool project by Doc Eggfan.

Be sure to stick around for the next episode (within the year) where we’ll talk about Sonic 2 HD and Tom Payne’s art scans from Sonic 2’s production. And who knows what else!

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    Alright! Nice! I’ve been lookign forward to another amazing podcast ever since Shamma Lmma Ding Dong XD. Try to get this in an rss feed so I can Subscribe to this.

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      oh and also, I noticed you don’t have the first one on. if you’d liek i can give you the copy i downloaded it before the server incident.

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    VOLUME CONTROL MOTHERFUCKER. kthx Cause I can’t hear anything when it’s playing without cutting out all my sounds on the system. :> Thanks, ok.

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    ok i listened to the podcast, and it’s even more refined han the first podcast episode, but i have to say i kinda missed the part at the end where you say some of the funny spam mail you get on skype. Other than that it is an epic podcast, and now that i subscribed i can really get a good podcast on my mp3 player.

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    Some other muthafuckas! YAY!!!!

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    I don’t like it. Sonic Boom and Sonic 2 LD are fine hacks but so are others and really the more unknown hacks should be given a bit of spotlight.

    Just sayin’.

    • Reply

      A valid point and one to focus on. We’ve already recorded podcast 3 and it’s in the middle of being edited. We didn’t discuss any hacks this time around but next time we could probably make room for “upcoming hacks” or something.

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    awesome podcast thanks

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    Sounds great! All the discussions flow into one another and everyone actually sound like radio DJs! haha. I think I kept hearing someone’s IM messaging go off a few times [“beeDOOP!” sound] and it got a little annoying. Other than that, I can tell that a lot of work was put into this and I think it’s amazing you are working on another podcast!

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