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Monday Links: PolygonJim Destroys All Edition

Yesterday, Scratch & Grounder were supposed to give you the winner of the Sonic Retro Refund Program.  Yesterday, Sonic Retro was down for most of the day.  So, eff.  Super eff.

Sonic Retro News

  • With an absolutely dominant 41% of the championship bracket votes, PolygonJim won the Sonic Retro Refund Program.  [Championship Bracket]
  • Some people messaged me and accused PolygonJim of hacking Sonic in front of the foreground for his winning entry.  Thas bullshit he did not hack it he did NAHT.  [YouTube]
  • Sonic 2 is great with two characters… but what about three characters?  Retro member flamewing brings the Sonic Heroes formula to the second dimension.  [Sonic 2 Heroes]
  • Cinossu’s Sonic 4 Jazz Scat Album is Internet Famous.  [Kotaku]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Sonic Free Riders is out.  [SEGA Blogs]
  • The initial reviews for Sonic Free Riders are in.  It’s not looking good for this game either.  Will this game be de-listed too?  Great quality control, SEGA.  [Metacritic]
  • The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, after playing Sonic 4, had a funeral for the li’l blue dude with the ‘tude.  [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • Sonic 4 will not be coming to Android phones.  That’s one more good thing that “Droid does.”  [Ripten]

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VOTE: Sonic Retro Refund Program, Championship Bracket

We have finally made it to the final six!

Before we get to the voting, I want to thank everybody who sent in screenshots and everybody who voted. This contest is obviously isn’t funny if people don’t participate, so thanks again for stopping by Retro. It was fun “meeting” some new people on Twitter and on the forums.

I also want to send a big thank you to SEGA of America, especially Aaron and Ken, for being good sports. We wouldn’t have done this contest if we didn’t know that you guys were cool and could withstand the jabs and parody of it all.

That said, let’s get to the voting. You have until Saturday night. Scratch & Grounder will announce the winner of the refund on Sunday.
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VOTE: Sonic Retro Refund Program, Bracket #6 [Updated; Re-Vote]

UPDATE: I suck a lot and forgot Polygon Jim’s entry in this bracket.  I have wiped the results and have added him to this bracket.  Sorry for the oversight.  If you have already voted, you’ll have to vote again.

This bracket is the last one in the preliminary round.  There are 9 10 good entries in here for you to sort through.  Brackets 4 and 5 will remain open until tonight.  This bracket will be open until the end of tomorrow (Wednesday).  Thursday is the grand championship for the 15 US Dollars.

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VOTE: Sonic Retro Refund Program, Brackets #4 & #5

Sorry for the weekend disappearing act. I was doing cool things.  Anyway, we’ve removed brackets 7 & 8 from the contest.  We took out remaining entries that were nearly identical to previous entries that have failed to garner enough votes in the first 3 rounds of voting.

We’ll have bracket 6 tomorrow and the finals on Thursday.  Right now, you’ve got 19 photos to look over.  DO IT.

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VOTE: Sonic Retro Refund Program, Bracket #3

Did you guys know that the staff at SEGA, Retro, Stadium and Wrecks are all friends not because we’re all reasonable, cool people, but because we’re conspiring against an asshole out of spite with supposed “influence?”  That’s news to me.  Cool story, bro. I’m sure we’ll be having a laugh at that when we’re sitting in Internet Jail for something nobody here did.

It’s Day 3 of the Sonic Retro Refund Program Tournament of Champions Deathmatch Extravaganza Sponsored By Domino’s Pizza and Shake Weight.  You know what to do.  10 pictures, 2 days to vote.

Bracket #1 is now closed.  Blue Blood dominated.  Level_Select is currently dominating the second bracket, but there’s still another day left to vote.
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VOTE: Sonic Retro Refund Program, Bracket #1

Entry time is now closed and it’s time for all you guys out there to vote on the best Sonic 4 pictures.  I received over 120 entries and we have narrowed it down to 79.  If there were multiple entries from a person, we deleted their duplicate or weaker entries to make this process go as quickly as possible.  Everybody who entered has at least one image in this tournament.  We have randomly thrown together 8 6 brackets.  Each bracket poll will be open for two days with a new bracket becoming available for the next 8 days.

The winner of each bracket will advance to a “final” vote for the $15.

Since the poll has images, it’s pretty large, so hit the jump to start voting.  You can only vote once.  Remember, you’re voting on the funniest picture that best illustrates the most asstastical display of game design and programming.
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