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Random Thoughts: Sonic Generations Media Blowout

Sonic Adventure started a new era for Sonic.  It was the first major Sonic game since Sonic & Knuckles and people went crazy over it.  With Dreamcast units and copies of the game selling out, Sonic “was back.”  The gameplay, while still going from point-A to point-B, shifted to “speed first, jump later.”  The sequel was met to a great reaction as well.  I was a part of this madness and enjoyed every minute of it.

So, with all this fun, why is SEGA bringing back the classic design and gameplay after all this time?  No matter what you say or think, Sonic Generations exists because this “new” generation has been average to downright miserable.  Failed reboot after failed reboot saw some of the worst ideas and execution in video game history.  The Adventure games, with all their initial critical and commercial praise, have aged poorly and serve as the starting point for all the errors existing in the games today.

It’s as a result of this failure that people started pining for the time when the games were successively good.  We were supposed to get that with Sonic 4: Episode 1, but that only furthered matters.  The game still managed to be an abomination, even after going “back to the roots” the furthest out of any Sonic game in the modern era.  Sonic’s modern design became the poster child for bad games, forcing those without brains to write dissertations on eye color.

Even if you like the new games, it’s undeniable that we’re here because Sonic Colors was too little, too late.

With yesterday’s  Sonic Generations media blow-out, we’ve seen enough to finally get excited for something.  A new Sonic game that is worth our time and money is in sight and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.  Until then, here are a few observations/realizations that we’ve derived from the trailer and gameplay footage.

Thank you, SEGA, for releasing a substantial amount of gameplay footage.

When SEGA made the initial announcement yesterday, only screenshots were found.  Then, IGN got the gameplay exclusive, followed by a slew of in-game video from some random Spanish video game site.  While it only took 3-seconds to know that Sonic 4: Episode 1 sucked (for real, a lot of people were like, “IT’S ONLY 3 SECONDS” and we all ended up being totally right), it’s nice to have a slew of content to put all fears to rest.  We’ve seen enough to know that Sonic Generations is the real deal.

Past the jump: Fan project influence, complaining pays off, the fate of Sonic 4, nostalgia whoring and Modern Sonic’s last chance.

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Sonic Colors Sends Sega Into The Black

Players agree: the colors felt so right.

Despite some rather mixed reviews across the Internet, that was not enough to deter sales of Sonic Colors. The title took off and never looked back, selling 1.87 million titles combined for the Wii and the Nintendo DS.

On the financial side, Sega Sammy posted sales of ¥310.1 billion ($3.77 billion), up nearly nine percent year-over-year, for its first three quarters. The company’s profits, however, were through the roof, as net income more than doubled to ¥36.82 billion ($448 million) thanks in part to strong sales of pachinko machines.

However, results were mixed in the consumer business division, which includes the home console video game division, as sales were down more than 19 percent to ¥66.9 billion ($814 million). Operating profits for the division still ignored the slip, doubling to reach ¥2.8 billion ($34 million)

Other top sellers for the company included Platinum Games’ shooter Vanquish, selling 820,000 copies between both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and Football Manager 2011, at 690,000 copies sold on the PC and PSP in Europe and the U.S. alone.

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Review: Sonic Colors (Wii)


Sonic Adventure is a terrible game.  The sole reason I bought a Dreamcast has not aged well over the years, no matter how badly I want to overlook its many problems with memories.  Its shoddy programming, poor control, over-emphasis on speed, alternate modes of gameplay, pointless peripheral characters, voice acting and awkwardly epic storyline was the beginning of Sonic’s decline.  The mistakes made in that game were so huge and panoptic that they managed to show up in every Sonic game for the next decade, sometimes landing a starring role. Along comes Sonic Colors, a game that finally strips away these issues, resulting in the first good game since the series went 3D.  Note that I said “good” and not “great.”  The positive perception of Sonic Colors (and Sonic 4, too) has been built around what the game is not, rather than what the game is, resulting in glowing review scores and early celebrations of the hedgehog’s “return” (seriously, how many times can Sonic be “back?”).  Most of the fodder that has made Sonic an absolute joke is gone.  While it’s good for it, Sonic Colors still decides to bring along fundamental design problems that people shouldn’t be tolerating anymore. Sonic Team finally remembered that Sonic is a platformer.  It’s not all about speed.  This aspect alone renders Sonic Colors as the best 3D Sonic game and a good game overall.  While speed and platforming rarely ever mix (it’s always one or the other), the speed sections of the game serve as a reward for navigating a tricky section of moving platforms and traps.  The boost button remains, but you won’t get away with spamming it like you could in previous games, which is a welcome change (removing it outright would be nice).  Sonic, speed-wise, operates at a much slower click, which allows for better control over previous 3D outings. Continue Reading

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Sonic Colors Adaption in Sonic the Hedgehog #219

If you haven’t picked up Sonic Colo(u)rs yet, you honestly should: it’s a pretty boss game and you should encourage Sega to make games that aren’t, oh, Sonic Free Riders. While there are some people who have criticized the tone of Colo(u)rs’ storyline, it’s pretty hard to argue against the fact that it’s really well-written. Therefore, it only makes sense that Archie would adapt the story for the comic series. “It’s true to the source,” says writer Ian Flynn of the comic book adaptation, who worked with artist Tracy Yardley. “We worked out a five page story that introduces our audience to the world of the game and tease a few of the crucial story elements…fans can then play the adventure for themselves by picking up the game.”

“We were provided with some awesome early concept art and rough cuts of some of the gameplay,” continues Flynn, “which offered us the ability to make the transition between comic book and video game much smoother – I think the fans are really gonna dig this one!” Flynn additionally expands a bit more on the adaptation at First Comics News.

Sonic the Hedgehog #219 also features the first installment of “In Service to the King,” which begins the build-up to next year’s 20th anniversary celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog, for those who follow the comic series on a regular basis–and for those of you who do, we can always use your help in our Archie comics articles.

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Monday Links: Wha’Chu Know About Dat? Edition

For real. I’m as fast as lightning, bro.  You talkin’ like you know?  You don’t.

Sonic Retro News

Sonic/SEGA News

  • SEGA of America opened its doors to the public this past Friday.  Here are 3 reports on the event.  [Slingerland] [Moonshadow Caz] [Sammybeany]
  • Sonic Colours arrived in Europe last week.  Here’s the trailer.  [SEGA Europe Blog]
  • Destructoid’s resident loudmouth, Jim Sterling, got his Sonic Colors review copies from SEGA with an added bonus: a picture of him as a troll.  He lived up to it.  Apparently, “Sonic 4 is an improvement” and “Dimps is the A-team.”  You can’t make this shit up.  [Destructoid]
  • Checking in with Metacritic, the Wii version of Sonic Colors is on the verge of entering “average” territory at 78.  The DS version is faring better at 81.  [Wii] [DS]

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Hedgehog Crossing: SEGA’s Latest (and Most Bizarre) PR Stunt

SEGA has been pulling a myriad of publicity stunts and special events in the past year or two.  They’ve ranged from Twitter/forum trivia contests to ice skating to buying all four versions of a game.  Their latest one being put on in England is the strangest of them all: a hedgehog crossing.

According to The Daily Mail, the hedgehog population has been in steep decline in Britain over the last decade.  The estimated drop in population is 300,000, with around 50,000 dying each year on the busy streets.  In addition to being roadkill, farming has been slowly destroying the habitats of the hedgehog.  The People’s Trust of Endangered Species is working on keeping the hedgehog afloat.  SEGA, having an extensive knowledge of driving a hedgehog into the ground over a ten year period, is ready to help to coincide with the launch of Sonic Colo(u)rs.

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GameTrailers: Design Issues From Dreamcast Hold Sonic Colors Back

I’ve got a ton of respect for the guys at GameTrailers for providing great video content and in-depth, entertaining video reviews. They are also usually on the same wavelength as I am when it comes to judging a game. Their review of the upcoming Sonic Colo(u)rs is one of the first out of the gate for this hotly-anticipated, cycle-breaking game. As of today, they have placed the lowest score on the game with a 6.4/10.  What?
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