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Monday Links: La Physique Sont Terribles Edition

If you want to know why the headline’s in French, hit the jump for the Monday Video.

Sonic Retro News

  • Sonic 1 for the Sega Master System gets disassembled.  Get it here, courtesy of Ravenfreak. [1 SMS Disassembly]
  • Tweaker says that he has been waiting 8 years for debug mode in Sonic Pocket Adventure.  Well, Tech Member SANiK has figured out the trick.  Try it yourself! [Pocket Adventure’s Debug Mode]
  • Mercury, the programmer on Sonic Fan Remix, is no longer on the project. [Sonic Fan Remix]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Over the weekend, Yuji Naka and Prope unveiled their latest project, Rodea the Sky Soldier.  It’s like NiGHTS for a new generation, a generation obsessed with anime and J-Pop.  Aside from how much I dislike that shit, if the game is awesome (and it looks awesome), I’ll play it. [CVG]
  • Games Asylum makes a case for the SEGA 32X.  A fun read. [Games Asylum]
  • Test your knowledge of SEGA with The Escapist’s SEGA Quiz!  You’ll need to register at the site to play. [The Escapist]
  • Kellie at the SEGA Blogs drops an incredibly in-depth look at Tropical Resort: Act 1 from Sonic Colors.  Level maps, red ring locations… everything.  Even if you’ve beaten the crap out of the level, at least check this guide out for kicks. [SEGA Blogs]

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