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Video: Sonic Generations Goes On the Spot

Sonic Generations’ new brand manager, Aaron Webber, stopped by the GameSpot offices in San Francisco for another episode of “On the Spot,” where full playthroughs of both Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic in Green Hill were showcased.  Ricardo Torres is the man.

For those wondering, the GameSpot tickets for “Sonic Boom” are gone, but stay tuned.  Retro, Stadium and other outlets will have more tickets in the coming days.  Special thanks to Woun for the video upload.


Retro Shopping Network: Japan Benefit DX: Director’s Cut

SEGA of America has opened up a bevy of auctions on eBay, all benefiting the Red Cross Relief Effort for Japan.  There are over 50 limited edition items, ranging from press kits, posters, trade show displays, autographed copies of games and the rare Dreamcast hoodies that SOA recently manufactured (currently going for over $300).  There’s so much awesome and rare stuff that I bet T-Bird at TSS is losing his mind.  He loves his merchandise.

Today, I’m going to show you the more eccentric and strangely expensive items that you can bid on.

1993 Sonic Notebook

This item is the least eccentric out of what I’m going to show you, but this is Sonic Retro after all and this item is the only one with the ol’ pudg’ems adorned on it.  As of this posting it’s going for $46, but there’s 6-days left, leaving a lot of room for the price to skyrocket to insane levels.  If you manage to get your hands on this masterpiece of school supplies, don’t write in it.  Look at the inside of this magnificent bastard:

Past the jump: a really expensive lanyard, forklifts and a double dose of America’s most popular brand manager.

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Game News

Get Your Name On the Internet With Multiple Sonic 4 Purchases

Do you have no shame?  Have you always wanted your name on the Internet? Then, buy Sonic 4 a whole buncha times.

SEGA Community Manager and total bro Aaron Webber (aka RubyEclipse aka “The Man of San Fran” aka “Electrical Tape Man”) recently went on the official SEGA forums to announce a rewards system for those who purchase Sonic 4: Episode 1 on multiple platforms.  The “True Blue Initiative,” obviously for “True Sonic Fans,” will net you the following:

  • Two versions: Fan will be included in a special sticky thread on Sega/Sonic 4 sites. Will also be posted on Sega blogs and the Sonic 4 website.
  • Three versions: All the above and placement on a to-be-announced “very cool spot.”  Plus, you get a bucket of cute fluffy kittens (supplies limited).
  • All versions: All the above as well as a special shout-out on video, from Aaron Webber and Ken Balough, to be posted on YouTube and around the internet.

Wow, THE Ken Balough?  If I buy multiple copies, will he move my big screen television up a flight of stairs for me, too?  There’s tequila in it for ya, Ken.

Mad props on the cute fluffy kittens, Aaron, but I wouldn’t make that promise.  They are too busy accusing people who didn’t do anything and filing investigations that nobody will give a shit about.


The Green Hill Zone Cubicle

If you’re a fan of SEGA or Sonic the Hedgehog on Facebook, you might have seen the pics of Aaron Webber’s desk. Now, there is a video! Aaron, the community manager for SEGA of America, went on a 3-week vacation and returned to find that his cubicle was turned into Green Hill Zone

I talked to Aaron yesterday and we determined that this prank really isn’t a prank. It’s too cool to be a prank. Who doesn’t want their desk to be a fully functioning Green Hill Zone? Aaron said that he might leave his desk in Green Hill form for a while. Check the gallery past the jump for the pics uploaded earlier this week.

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Update: Sonic 4 announcement imminent

Tonight at 4 p.m. Pacific time, we should be hearing from Sega concerning the Sonic 4 announcement we alluded to earlier in the week. From there, tune in to GameSpot’s On the Spot show at 5 p.m. Pacific for an interview with Sega representative and Retro poster RubyEclipse; there will be “something else” exclusively announced on the show.

Stay tuned to Sonic Retro for more news as it develops (and to our forums where a 40-page argument will inevitably break out. 😉 )