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Mega64 Go To Casino Night Zone

While Mega64 have done sketches about Sonic, they have never represented him in one of their traditional videos where they act like videogame character and do crazy stuff in public. That is, until now:

Derek has donned a Sonic costume and ran through Las Vegas Casino Night Zone while disturbing many random people that happen to pass by. Mega64 mostly do sketches these days, so it’s always nice see them do a video like this once in a while. Also be sure to watch their Minecraft video.


Mega64 Goes to Sonic (Again)

Mega64 released a sequel to their dead-on “Sonic Sucks” video this morning and, well, nothing has changed.

“You have to raise your standards of what you find good and what you get excited about.”  I’ve been saying that for, like, a decade.  I want a corndog.  Real talk.


Mega64 Tests the Power of Rings

“Discovered on a laserdisc from 1995, this scientific public television program puts many common video game situations and theories to the test. VERY educational.”

This new skit by Mega64 features the trademark golden rings from Sonic and if they really can protect you from damage.  Rocco gets shot with a bean-bag gun used to suppress riots while holding rings.  The results will shock you.

Also featured is a trip to the sewer to find the Mushroom Kingdom and an experiment to create the next Blanka.

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Mega64 Takes the [Onion] Rings out of Everyone’s Mouths.

Mega64 has certainly gained a lot of popularity since starting as a mere public access TV show. Of course I liked them before they were cool. But whatever…

Today isn’t a day to chuckle at Mega64’s antics, but to observe their classy taste and analysis of…uh…fast food.

(Why this simile isn’t drawn upon more I’ll never know.)