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Fastest Food Alive: A look back at the 1994 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion

As we near 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog, I wanted to kick off a video series looking back at an aspect of the franchise that has always been a favorite of mine – food promotions! From McDonald’s to Topps to Carl’s Jr and beyond, SEGA has teamed their flagship franchise with some of the greatest, and at times weirdest, food companies. In this first installment, I take a look back at the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion which ran worldwide in 1994 and 1995. Everything from the commercials to the in-store displays is covered, and I even clear up some misconceptions about that whole Tails recall situation and figure out just what that yellow Tails ball was. Special thanks to The Gagaman for additional information.

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I always have fun reminiscing about good times with old friends. Tonight is one of those special nights where I stumbled around on that wide, worldly web called the Internet, in search of ancient Sonic the Hedgehog fan websites/webrings to talk about. A specific website of old,, was something I wanted to share. As with all good things, it has seen it’s end. Removing the dash, however, has brought my attention to something… very special, and I wanted to share it with you all. Ladies and gentleman, straight from Nagoya, Japan, where anything can happen:

Yes, this is a real place. However, people in the video are speaking Portuguese, because the club decided to have a Portuguese-themed night, I guess! If you look closely, you might see Sonic Team doing lines of cocaine off of Sonic’s quills.


Sonic Nendoroid Figure Looks Like a Mix of Both Generations












Today Good Smile Company announced a Sonic Nendoroid figure. If you don’t know what Nendoroids are, they are figures usually based on anime or manga characters (Sonic being an exception) made in a style with a huge head and small body. They are about 10 cm or 4 inch in height and are adjustable, meaning you can put them in various poses or give them different facial expressions.

The Sonic figure is based on the modern iteration, meaning it basicly looks like classic Sonic with green eyes (heh) and a thinner body. It comes with the item box, chaos emerald and checkpoint items shown in the pictures and will be released in April 2012 for ¥3,500, which is about $45 according to Google.

[Via Andriasang]

Game News

Japan Gets Sonic Generations 20th Anniversary Set

While Europeans and Australians were able to get the collector’s edition of Sonic Generations earlier this month, those in the US only got the standard game with the Casino Night pinball stage as a pre-order bonus. You’d think Japan wouldn’t get this kind of treatment either, seeing how there aren’t a large amount of Sonic fans there. Surprisingly this isn’t the case, Japanese site has listed a 20th Anniversary Set with pictures and information on what it includes. This special edition is completely different from Europe’s CE, so you might want to see what it includes:

The main attraction of the set is a crystal cube with Sonic and a life monitor engraved into it (pictured above) which is 6 x 6 x 10 cm. They used a laser to make this thing, and as you may know everything is cooler with lasers. Other extras include a cloth with both Modern and Classic Sonic as well as Sonic the Sketchhog printed on it and the History of the 1st Stage soundtrack, which is different depending on whether you get the PS3/360 or 3DS version. While this doesn’t have as much content as the European CE, it still has some neat stuff collectors might want. The track list of the the soundtracks, more pictures and links to where you can buy this can be found after the jump. Continue Reading


Retro Shopping Network: Japan Benefit DX: Director’s Cut

SEGA of America has opened up a bevy of auctions on eBay, all benefiting the Red Cross Relief Effort for Japan.  There are over 50 limited edition items, ranging from press kits, posters, trade show displays, autographed copies of games and the rare Dreamcast hoodies that SOA recently manufactured (currently going for over $300).  There’s so much awesome and rare stuff that I bet T-Bird at TSS is losing his mind.  He loves his merchandise.

Today, I’m going to show you the more eccentric and strangely expensive items that you can bid on.

1993 Sonic Notebook

This item is the least eccentric out of what I’m going to show you, but this is Sonic Retro after all and this item is the only one with the ol’ pudg’ems adorned on it.  As of this posting it’s going for $46, but there’s 6-days left, leaving a lot of room for the price to skyrocket to insane levels.  If you manage to get your hands on this masterpiece of school supplies, don’t write in it.  Look at the inside of this magnificent bastard:

Past the jump: a really expensive lanyard, forklifts and a double dose of America’s most popular brand manager.

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Prices for iOS Sonic Titles Slashed, Proceeds Going to Japan Relief Efforts

A little blurb for ya on this Monday.  Sonic 4 Brand Manager Ken Balough has informed me that SEGA Football Manager and all Sonic titles on iOS devices are discounted and that all of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross relief efforts.  The sale/relief effort will extend through the rest of this week.

If you already own the discounted games but still want to donate, please head on over to the Red Cross and pitch in what you can.

Game News, Site News

Monday Links: Winter’s Last Stand Edition

If you live in the Midwest, you were probably shocked to see more effing snow outside when you woke up this morning.  With spring on the horizon, winter is doing whatever it can before its time is up.  Oh, and there’s still nothing going on in Sonicland, but we do have a ton of fangame news.

Sonic Retro News

  • It’s on the forums, so I might as well post it here.  If you want to know about what happened to Retro-Sonic, Sonic XG and Sonic Nexus, go to this website and stop pounding my inbox. [RSN Development Blog]
  • Xaklse just released preview build 4 of his SonicGDK engine.  Go try it out and give him some feedback, suckas. [SonicGDK Thread]
  • My Russian bro, Felik, released a multiplayer demo of his fangame, Sonic Fusion, over the weekend.  Also go try it out and give him some feedback, suckas. [Sonic Fusion Thread]
  • YEARS after its release, the secret level in a classic fangame, Sonic Chaos Revolution by Magicgrafx, has been opened up by Retro member ValleyBell. [SCR Hacked]
  • Check out video, screens and models to P3DRO’s official-looking project, Sonic the Hedgehog (formerly Henceforth). [StH Fangame Thread]
  • New member princeofknaves releases some long lost Sonic Heroes tech, which helped find the aforementioned test levels in Shadow the Hedgehog. [Sonic Heroes Tech]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Irish indie rocker Big Monster Love likes to let his Sonic the Hedgehog fanaticism bleed into his work. [Warp Zoned]
  • Our friend at SEGA Europe, AAUK, is stepping down from his position.  Sonic Retro wishes him well in his future endeavors and hopes that he is able to check out all the consoles at his new job. [Sonic City Blognik]
  • With the devastation in Japan, there have been many release date delays at SEGA. [Examiner]
  • SEGA branches out into social media gaming with “SEGA Play! Baseball on Facebook.” [Inside Social Games]
  • 411mania lists out the franchises/games from SEGA’s past that they should resurrect.  My childhood memories are perfectly fine.  Don’t do it, SEGA. You’ll ruin them. [411mania]

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Real Talk: You’re In Our Thoughts, Japan

Unless you’re a hermit who has not heard the latest news, Japan got rocked pretty badly by a magnitude 8.9 earthquake and a devastating tsunami.

While we may not have many active Japanese users around here, it’s no secret that both Sonic Retro and Sega Retro are both centric around products from the nation and a lot of the user base follows some aspect of the culture. Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Japan that they can overcome this tragedy.

We hope those of you with friends over there find that they’re okay.