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New Details On Michael Jackson’s Involvement With Sonic 3

Gametrailers’ released a new episode of their Mythbusters-for-gaming show Pop Fiction today about Michael Jackson’s involvement with Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The first half of the video is a pretty good summary of what we know already along with links to where they get their info from (thanks for the hits GT), but at the 08:36 timestamp they begin to talk about their own research.

First off, they got to do another interview with Roger Hector, who stands by what he said in his interview from 2005. He also gives additional details on how Michael Jackson got to work on Sonic 3 and why his music was “pulled”. After that Gametrailers got an anonymous source to confirm that MJ did work on Sonic 3‘s music with again more details on what he did and a different account on why he wasn’t credited.


GT Names the Worst Sequels Ever, Pins “Sonic ’06” at #3

I thought it would place higher, but I forgot about Bomberman: Act Zero. SEGA has another game on this countdown with Golden Axe: Beast Rider at number 8.  Right before that, when talking about Rare’s two games on the list, the narrator asks, “Is there a developer that has fallen farther over the past 10 years?”  Uh… we’ve got an idea of somebody who might have.  Guess who it is.

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GameTrailers: Design Issues From Dreamcast Hold Sonic Colors Back

I’ve got a ton of respect for the guys at GameTrailers for providing great video content and in-depth, entertaining video reviews. They are also usually on the same wavelength as I am when it comes to judging a game. Their review of the upcoming Sonic Colo(u)rs is one of the first out of the gate for this hotly-anticipated, cycle-breaking game. As of today, they have placed the lowest score on the game with a 6.4/10.  What?
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