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Retro Shopping Network: Japan Benefit DX: Director’s Cut

SEGA of America has opened up a bevy of auctions on eBay, all benefiting the Red Cross Relief Effort for Japan.  There are over 50 limited edition items, ranging from press kits, posters, trade show displays, autographed copies of games and the rare Dreamcast hoodies that SOA recently manufactured (currently going for over $300).  There’s so much awesome and rare stuff that I bet T-Bird at TSS is losing his mind.  He loves his merchandise.

Today, I’m going to show you the more eccentric and strangely expensive items that you can bid on.

1993 Sonic Notebook

This item is the least eccentric out of what I’m going to show you, but this is Sonic Retro after all and this item is the only one with the ol’ pudg’ems adorned on it.  As of this posting it’s going for $46, but there’s 6-days left, leaving a lot of room for the price to skyrocket to insane levels.  If you manage to get your hands on this masterpiece of school supplies, don’t write in it.  Look at the inside of this magnificent bastard:

Past the jump: a really expensive lanyard, forklifts and a double dose of America’s most popular brand manager.

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Retro Shopping Network: HUGE LOT OF WOW!~

This auction started and ended over this past weekend and I was pretty tempted to actually bid on these just so that I could say, “I own a shit-ton of broken Genesis consoles.  What of it?”  Then, I’d make a giant suit out of them and show up at a party.  I didn’t have much forethought about what to do after that point, so I didn’t buy them and just bought a case of Bud instead.

Usually with these “Shopping Network” posts, items are featured because of their picture or stupid headline.  The latter is the case here.  Look at this seller, teeming with enthusiasm, over these broken, archaic devices.  “WOW!!!”

Given the price, would you splurge on a bunch of broken retro consoles?  What would you do with them?  (Past the jump, 36 broken Genesis 2 systems.)

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Sega of America Employee Back with More Auctions

If you’re like me, you heard about vigiljeff‘s eBay auction for the original painting used for the United States’ and Europe’s cover of Night Trap, which wound up selling for more than $1,500 USD, just a little too late to do any bidding. However, it put the former Sega of America employee, who worked in the facilities department of the company, on the radar as a potential seller of rare goods.

vigiljeff is back on eBay this week with four new auctions: pre-production figures of Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant, a framed print of the character from Sonic the Hedgehog in an admittedly pretty awesome frame with many characters from various DiC properties carved into it, but perhaps most interesting is the final item, an art scroll drawn by one of four Sonic Team employees who were flown into America to finish NiGHTS into Dreams in his spare time. In the auction description, vigiljeff explains:

Even though they spoke very little English and I spoke no Japanese, whenever they needed something, they would e-mail my department and I would get it up to them, so I got to be pretty good friends with them, especially one guy, and even if I could remember his name I couldn’t pronounce it.

But anyways, at night or when he had time, he would be working on this scroll painting & drawing and writing. I don’t even know what game the characters are from that one. I’m sure one of you gamers out there will know right off, or if someone can read Japanese the writing will tell you.

And the cool thing about all this, when I went to drop them off at SFO for [their] flight back home, I unloaded all [their] stuff onto two airport carts, the guy grabs this scroll out of one of his bags and hands it to me and in his best English says, ‘Thank you for all your help. This [is] for you.’

I didn’t know what to say, so I bowed my head to them and shook [their] hands and said have a safe flight and went back to work.

At any rate, any of these pieces would be great collector items to have, but the scroll in particular seems really interesting: a look into the mind of one Sonic Team employee during one of the most diverse times of creative output by the studio. Pictures of the scroll are below.

[via GameSetWatch]


Retro Shopping Network: Sonic Snuggie

ON SALE TODAY on eBay, you can this tubular Sonic Snuggie.  The “Sonic The Hedgehog Throw Blanket With Sleeves Robe” will only be on sale for 2 more days, so act fast!  There are 4 available as of this posting!

Check out these dope features:

  • Pockets for easy access to a DS with Sonic Charonicles: The Dark Bruthahood, the best game ever!
  • Stay cozy while you browse DeviantArt and!
  • “This blanket was made for the classic fans, but we added modern elements, like sleeves, to not confuse new fans.  We think that this feature adds accessibility to the classic concept of blankets.” -Takashi Iizuka
  • Hood for hiding your face in shame while you play Sonic & the Black Knight!
  • Makes a great, economical fursuit, especially for those hit hard by the recession!
  • “Officially Licensed Product.”  Believe it!
  • VHS artifacts with every purchase!

Buy buy buy!  Now now now!


Retro Shopping Network: Sonic 4 Backpack

ON SALE TODAY on eBay, you can get this sweet backpack.  The “SONIC the HEDGEHOG 4 design BACKPACK STYLE Book Bag” will only be on sale for one more day, so act fast!  There are 8 available as of this posting!

Check out its rad features:

  • Sweet art: 100% not stolen from the Sonic 4 Japanese website.
  • 100% redundancy: “Backpack-style book-bag.”
  • Only $17.05, marked down from $18.95!
  • Perfect for every occasion!  Especially getting beat up at school!
  • Made with authentic pirated Photoshop!
  • “This backpack is better than all backpacks that came before it!” -Takashi Iizuka
  • Quality Guarantee: We put as much effort into this bag as SEGA put into Sonic 4’s physics engine.  If that’s not a commitment to quality, I don’t know what is.
  • “This is truly the Sonic 4 backpack as you imagined it!” -Ken Balough

Buy buy buy!  Now now now!