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Plenty of New Sonic Lost World Gameplay Footage

Recently an IGN staffer tweeted that today they’d put up more Sonic Lost World stuff, and they certainly delivered. Above you can see 12 minutes of gameplay showcasing one Windy Hill act and two Desert Ruins acts with commentary from IGN guy and Aaron Webber. You can also see Sonic’s new moves,  the return of the Wisp abilities and Aaron Webber failing to get to an alternate path. IGN also put up a new preview with some new details.

Besides the Wii U gameplay above, there are also three gameplay clips of the 3DS version (made by DIMPS) for you to watch on your computer monitor after the jump.

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TGS 2011: Generations 3DS Trailer, U.S. Release Info

Tokyo Game Show is about to go down in Japan, but Nintendo yesterday held a TGS Kickoff conference which brought with it a trailer of the 3DS version of Sonic Generations giving viewers a chance to see Green Hill, Mushroom Hill, and the Special Stage in motion. Listen to that Sonic Heroes Special Stage remix.

Pictures released also include glimpses of Casino Night Zone, additionally confirming that players will be challenged by Metal Sonic in a race to the death within the neon lit gambling city, a change from the console version which features the race in its famous Sonic CD setting, Stardust Speedway’s Bad Future.

For Americans, Sega confirmed that the tentative retail date of Nov. 1 is when the PS3 and 360 versions of the game will be arriving for consumption. The fate of the Nintendo 3DS title isn’t so clear, as it has been given a more ambiguous release of Late 2011.

With signs that the game isn’t quite complete in the trailer itself–Modern Sonic’s Mushroom Hill is still using a recording of the original zone’s music from Sonic & Knuckles and fans have noted that Classic Sonic brings up homing attack reticules–this isn’t terribly surprising, but a positive sign that Sega and DIMPS are working to make the portable version of the game more than just a quick cash in version.

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[UPDATED] Gamescom 2011: Mushroom Hill, Big Arm 3DS Gameplay and Audio

UPDATE: We also got video of the Big Arm boss included in the demo, now updated after plenty of negative feedback from E3 concerning one aspect of it. Want to see? Hit the jump! Thanks to commenter MarioSonic for the tip off!

By way of YouTube channel NiNTENDOMiNATi0N, take a look at Modern Sonic running through the browning foliage of Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2 including a clear listen to the level’s music.

At least, I would hope that’s a placeholder song while a final one is still being worked on. A straight port of the Genesis Mushroom Hill Zone Act 1 tune? Has to be. The footage also shows some oddities in the gameplay including familiar DIMPS problems of odd object placement, pitfalls, and moonwalking on the roof.

But on the plus side, listen to that Act 1 remix toward the end of the video. That remix is simply goodness.

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Gamescom 2011 Superpost: Sonic Generations, Mario and Sonic 2012

Of course we didn’t forget about Gamescom currently going on in Germany, sporting new demos for all three versions of Sonic Generations as well as a new demo for Mario and Sonic’s latest (friendly) battle to the death.

Courtesy of forum member TimmiT, we have a few more details about changes in the games along with extra gameplay videos including a full run of Modern Sonic’s City Escape. With all the tasty morsels of media beginning to spill, we advise not watching the videos if you want to keep the gameplay unspoiled.

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Review: Sonic Colors (DS)

There is this myth that is perpetuated by the mainstream gaming media that if a Sonic game is in 2D, it’s automatically good.  Scarred Sun tackled this misconception back in August in response to Sonic Team’s director, Takashi Iizuka, buying into this fallacy in order to cover for his failures and bad decision-making.  2D is simply a cosmetic preference and whether or not a Sonic game is good boils down to it being well-executed, something everybody has forgotten in Sonic’s second decade. Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure have been the recent success stories in the franchise.  They’ve been benefiting from the “2D bump,” however.  I’m going to preempt the rest of my review for Sonic Colors (aka “Sonic Rush 3”) by saying that I don’t care for either of them.  They’re boring.  Before you leave yet another stupid comment saying, “oh it’s not classic Sonic, so that’s why you hate it,” please stop.  I treat those two games differently, because they do not play like the classics, nor do they profess to be them.  They left the latter to Sonic 4(*zing*) Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventureis more about speed and racing, keeping platforming to a minimum.  That’s not the reason they’re boring though:

  • Both games have the exact same level design in every level with just a few, over-used gimmicks differentiating them.
  • They’re criminally short and don’t have a lot of reasons to replay them.  I beat both in one sitting and never felt compelled to play them again.
  • They’re not difficult.  Enemies are boost/homing attack targets.  Random bottomless pits or instant kill obstacles are the only thing standing in your way.

Sonic Colors on the DS does all of these things, somehow managing to be more boring, shorter and easier. Continue Reading