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“Dreds” Likely Original Name for Knuckles

HXC?  Word.

Drx is pretty much a legend within this Sonic community.  Remember that time he released 1,000 prototypes in a day?  That ruled.  He’s always on the hunt for new information and prototypes and his most recent find uncovered what could have been Knuckles original name: “Dreds.”  The lead, uncredited tester of Sonic 2, Ben Szymkowiak, spoke with drx on the subject.

Ben: Actually, it was Jason Kuo, myself, and Vy Nong, along with a marketing person who brainstormed and came up with the idea for the dreadlock look of the Dreds character in Sonic.
drx: So Dreds was the original name for Knuckles?
Ben: I think Dreds was original name for Knuckles – but this was 15+ years ago. I do remember brainstorming on the look of Knuckles with Jason Kuo, Vy Nong, and a Marketing person.

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