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UPDATED: Impromptu VidyaRetro Stream: Sonic 2 Remastered

Have you ever wanted to watch some schmucks play a brand new game from 20 years ago? That’s exactly what we’re doing right now, so join us as we play the newly updated release of Sonic 2 right now!

Despite some issues, the stream is now being hosted on the Vidya Retro Youtube channel split into four parts. You can watch the normal playthrough of the game in two parts, the debug playthrough or take a look at the two player mode in action.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Debug Mode] [2 Player Mode]


Hang Out with Other Sonic Fans at SonicLondon Meetup 11

If you’re in London today and looking to hang out with some fellow Sonic fans, you picked a good day. Forum user HelenBaby has the details:

Sonic London 11

“A further few points about the event :

We will announce whether the meet will be held in the Plan A or Plan B venue in the days leading up to the meet depending on the weather forecast, as we have done in the past. If we go with Plan A, the picnic in Regent’s Park, guests are encouraged to bring along picnic blankets, picnic foods (obviously), suncream and water! I guess there will be less to bring if we go for the Plan B option, but do make sure you bring enough food (you are allowed to eat your own food inside the Royal Festival Hall thankfully) and, I guess, an umbrella?

~ Art Corner : The voice actor and artist Andrew Hamblin, a SonicLondon regular, has kindly agreed to host our Art Corner for us. Go over and join him, grab a pencil and some paper (provided) and get sketching!

~ Blackjack : At some point during the meet Cyburn (a member of SonicLondon staff) will be hosting a game of Blackjack, and the eventual winner will recieve a prize. Time and prize to be confirmed on the day.

~ 3DS/Vita Corner : Our friends from Monster Hunter Community UK have kindly agreed to host our handheld corner. They’ll be happy to play the likes of MK7/Mario Tennis/Luigi’s Mansion 2 with attendees. And would, of course, be most up for a sneaky Monster Hunt with those of you that way inclined.

~There’s also going to be a Sonic Transformed (3DS) tournament, with e-shop vouchers as prizes (courtesy of Nintendo).


For more details and to RSVP please see : “


Have some fun with Ruby!

PAX Prime 2013 has come and gone. On the last day, however, we had a special surprise for our favorite Brand Manager at SEGA, Aaron Webber, aka RubyEclipse, to celebrate the Western release of “Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F.” I think he liked it.

Game News

Sonic 1 Hits the Top 10 on Android and iOS

Less than a week ago, Sonic 1 received a Taxman/Stealth makeover for mobile platforms. The updated port has already cracked the Top 10 Paid Apps list in the US for both Google Play and the iOS App Store at #2 and #8, respectively. As we covered earlier, there are a ton of bonus features that more than warrant its $2.99 price tag. We encourage you to purchase the app, which you can find in the links below. After the jump you will also find some screenshots showcasing some of the bonus features (slight spoilers).

Google Play

App Store

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Interview With Ian Flynn

The Sonic the Hedgehog comics, Archie and STC alike, have dedicated followings. One of the people responsible for the comics is Ian Flynn, the chief writer for the Archie series since #160. Recently, he sat down for an interview with the Super Power Flower Hour, a relatively new Sonic-related podcast. He gives his thoughts on the Sonic franchise, working on the comics, the Mega Man comics, and more. Check it out.

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Starbucks US Pick of the Week: Sonic 4 Episode II

Back in August, UK Starbucks customers were *ahem* treated to a free download of Sonic 4 Episode I for iOS. This week, US customers have a chance to own the second episode on their iDevices at no charge. From now through November 26, Sonic 4 Episode II will be available for free at Starbucks chains across the country. Simply take one of the cards near the register, enter the promotional code on the back, and you’re good to go. Note that this is only valid for US and Canadian iTunes accounts.

Special shoutout to Twitter user @SonicNerd97 for giving me the heads-up about this.


Today Only: “The Hog In The Clogs” Sonic Shirt at TeeFury

Hog in the Clogs Teefury

TeeFury are at it again! The same store that brought you the comedic Cash For Gold t-shirt has released this little gem depicting Sonic and Tails in the style of a Dr. Seuss book. Like standard TeeFury fare, this shirt is on sale for only 24 hours, and will not be brought back after that. As of this post, you should have a good 20 or so hours to get your hands on it, so don’t fret! You can pick it up for $10 USD (plus shipping starting at $2.75). Click here to get it now.


SA3 Rumors Officially Addressed by SEGA of Antarctica

Are you the type of Sonic fan who wants SA3 more than anything? Are you one of the people who believe it will single-handedly save the Sonic franchise? Do you clamor for any sign from above that it will fall straight from the heavens into your console? 

If so, your faith in SA3 may be at an all-time high in recent weeks. Takashi Iizuka’s positive reaction to the SA3 chants at Sonic Boom rekindled that fire in your heart. SA3 web domains registered a couple of weeks ago made you all the more hopeful. Even though they weren’t registered by SEGA themselves, you refused to believe that you had come so close yet so far.

In your mind, you will get your SA3 at any cost.

Today, SEGA of Antarctica’s Ben Kalough came forward and addressed the recent events regarding SA3, and even released a trailer that is sure to put to rest anymore rumors.

SA3 hopefuls, be careful what you wish for.