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New Sonic Xtreme Release Brings 150 New Levels

Sonic Xtreme has been seeing quite the resurgence as of late, but this takes the cake for the most impressive release to date.

Forum member Andrew75 announced the release of never before seen iteration of Xtreme head programmer Ofer Alon’s V037 NV1. This is a PC port created by Jollyroger and it packs a staggering 150 stages to play around with, most of which never before seen. Andrew does mention that a number of these stages are simply just reskins of other stages in the list, but with either new textures or with some setting changed for testing. Most of these are just test levels after all.

For a full breakdown on changes and download links, direct your favorite point and clicking device to this little bit of text.

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    I’m trying to be excited for this but I can’t, I saw it yesterday in the forums and my reactions were like “meh” I’m sorry but the more I see of this game the more I realize how much of a failure it would have been, I’d take Sonic 3D Blast over it any day.

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      Yeah, that’s how I’ve felt about Sonic X-Treme for a couple years now. While I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in seeing how Sonic’s history would have changed if the game had been released, I also think it’s probably for the best that it was canned. It really doesn’t look all that impressive, even for 1996.

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      Yeah man! I feel the same way as you when playing these pre E3 1996 alpha builds here.

      I pause the think about it a little further. There aren’t any real levels to play threw and the gameplay was still in the earliest stages of development which was overhauled in later builds of the engine that we don’t really have. However even in the later builds, I don’t think the gameplay mechanics were vastly superior to what we have here. But they did seem a little more solid as seen in the 4 Worlds videos leaked by Chris Senn.(Even at that point in time the gameplay was not complete ) (And also if comparing the level’s detonation files, we see that Sonic’s gameplay mechanics have a lot more attributes than the files in this build have)

      For me the real treasures are the actual assets like tile sets and the sprites. Some of them are pretty decent.
      I believe that most of the assets made for the early levels would never have been used in a final release build of xtreme, and I believe that we are getting a chance to see many more of these potential unused assets than what we could ever have seen from any other Sonic games. Sure we get a sprite or 2 that never made it into the Genesis games, but think about the rest of the sprites and tile sets that never made it into an actual build that were deleted.

      And also picture playing early builds of Sonic 1 or Adventure where he may have actually had bad and broken gameplay because it was so early. We may never be able to see that ever.

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    Does give you a good taste on what the game might have been like…

    In retrospect, I don’t think the game would’ve saved the Sega Saturn like so many claim, or even be more than just passably successful at best on the market…but it’s uniqueness is enough that had it been released, I could see it could have influenced future Sonic games, meaning it could’ve caused the franchise to go in a very different direction than it ultimately did.

    It does seem unwieldy, though, and I can begin to understand now part of the reasons why the game had such a troubled development, aside from the unfavorable office politics that did not help. It was a neat idea in concept, but making it a reality as a playable and sensible game seems like not a task you can do quickly and cleanly.

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    I’ve literally waited 20 years to walk through some of these levels. Sonic X-Treme should be taught in every B-school as a textbook case of project management failure, but some of the level designs were simply ahead of their time… and still look as beautiful as the freeze frames I stared at for two decades.

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    I’ve been wondering, now that there’s a port of sonic lost world in pc, what would happen if some of the levels from this game were somehow implemented there, or maybe even making a new level based on some of those levels

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    The more I see of this game, the more I see it as basically Sonic Blast on the Saturn. Because that’s basically what it looks like. Slightly higher resolution version of that. I realize this is still really early, but what more could they have really added to it? Sky boxes? I don’t think that would have really saved the graphical look of the game. I think it’s for the best we got Sonic 3D Blast instead.

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