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Sonic Nexus OST Released as “Nexus Genesis” via Ubiktune

hunty_nexusgenesisHi, it’s been a while. I haven’t been around the Sonic scene in years because, like… do I really need an explanation?

I am back today to promote an album of Genesis chiptunes that, at one time, was the soundtrack for my Sonic fangame, Sonic Nexus. You remember that game, don’t you? For the low cost of $7, you can enjoy 21 original FM tunes and own a part of a game that almost was, but then suddenly wasn’t.  The game’s composer (and one of my best friends), Hunter Bridges, has been doing a bit of press on the lead up to the release on sites, like Medium, if you’d like to read about the history of the project and his soundtrack from his perspective.

A series of fortunate events in the professional lives of The Taxman, Hunter, and myself ended the Nexus project, so it brings us all a lot of happiness and closure to see something from the game get released, despite having long-since moved on.

It’s a great album, so I hope you guys give it a listen.



4 Life.

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    Oh hey, neat. 😮 It’s been long enough that I was really confused by the link to this on Facebook. “Dafuq is Sonic Nexus?” Lol. Will definitely have to give it a look, or rather, a listen. 🙂

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    Ummmm, is this real? What year is it.

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    Really digging Beaming Bridge’s music so far. Fun soundtrack and it sounds like it could actually be recreated on a Genesis (pending how many active sound channels each song has.)

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    Deep down, I was hoping this’d come back as an official project, the first new Sonic game to be designed on the Retro Engine. I know that would never happen, but it never hurts to dream.

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    That’s such a funny turn of events!
    A few months ago, I was desperate to find all the musics from Sonic Nexus and finally found a way to download them from Soundclound and ZippyFire.

    Now the whole album is getting released, though it seems there’s tracks that weren’t featured in both SC and ZF so I’ll probably get a copy.
    A shame though jingle musics like 1UP and the awesome Speed shoes theme didn’t make it in the album!

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      Oh wait hold on, I just got it they are Genesis remixes actually! ^^’
      What about an album with the tracks planned ingame by default?

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    MAN does this bring back memories. I used to check the Nexus website and listen to the older versions of these tunes almost every day… that was 8th Grade. I’ll have my bachelors degree in a year… that’s insane. Man, how time flies.

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    Nice to see something come from all this though.

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