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Amazon Giving Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Android Away for Free



Because the folks at Amazon are such swell guys, thirty of the most popular apps on the Amazon App Store are free for the next two days. And it turns out that Sonic 2 is a pretty popular game even to this day, because it’s one of those thirty apps. If you’ve wanted to give The Taxman and Stealth‘s remastering of the game a try, this is the best time to do so. You can get it here:

Amazon US
Amazon UK

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    Ive always wanted to try this game

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    I bought this game a while ago on my phone and it didn’t work (not the game’s fault: my phone’s terrible), and I refunded it.

    And now I can get it for free? …Sure. Why not.

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    Damn I already have Sonic 2. The other 29 apps don’t seem to be worth my while.

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    Hadn’t really tried it because I was afraid that it might either not run on it, or I’d find the touch controls beyond weird.

    Fortunately, after downloading it, I found out that was not the case. 🙂

    Had so much fun with it I actually feel kinda bad for not paying for it. 🙁

    However, this helped me convince myself of buying Sonic 1 and CD for my Android. Maybe to make up for not paying for Sonic 2, I’ll buy Sonic CD on STEAM as well. Even though I already own it on PS3 (and heck, the original in Gems Collection) 😀

    Sweet Jesus, these remasters are AMAZING!
    (On a sidenote, I JUST tried SHARP filter on S-CD for the first time, and now I don’t feel like going back to pixels anymore!)

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    This is cool – got it. I am also gonna get a buttload of the free apps because some of them entitle you to a promotional credit – $1 towards a digital purchase – song or album – from Amazon’s digital store. 😀

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    Shoot, the one time I want to bother with Bluestacks to try and play this on my PC with proper legal means, and it refuses to install. Guess i’ll have to manage with a phone.

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    Ok, so after a casual playthrough with Sonic+Tails, and a full playthrough as Knuckles, I’ve got to address my biggest issue.

    Hope my input isn’t simply swept under the rug for not being an official member. 😛

    -It would help a lot if the controls were virtual GAMEPADS, instead of virtual JOYSTICKS (as in, separate virtual arrows). I’ve noticed that in order for the characters to work, let’s say crouching, I have to SLIDE the L-Stick down, instead of simply pressing down.
    If I just press down, the character will get back up immediately. Oddly enough, this doesn’t happen when pressing to the sides to run.

    -R-Stick should just be a button, not a “joystick”. When I press the button, it’s a jump. But the problem is, the button can move like a joystick. And no matter where it lands (up, left, right, down) after pressing, it will input the button again.

    As Knuckles, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to glide efficiently because the R-Stick thinks I’m pressing the button twice, when in reality I just pressed it, and the R-Stick tilts to a random direction, causing to input the action again.
    (So this means, when I jump, he randomly starts gliding when I didn’t want to, and when I glide, he stops randomly when I don’t want him to).

    This is my only criticism. I doubt it’s going to get fixed, but I just had to put it out there. And yeah, I’ve tried resizing the joysticks, but it still doesn’t work as a way around this issue (particularly the R-stick), if anything, I think making it bigger makes it worse.

    Other than that, the game is PERFECT! I love the new 3D remastered special stages! Took some HEAVY getting used to!

    I know it’s old news but… man, dat teaser at the end. 🙁 Hope it fulfills that promise.

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