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Tracy Yardley Charity Stream this Saturday

The following is a guest post from community member FTA.packrat_trio_COLOR

On Saturday April 19th, Find The Computer Room will be teaming up with Packrat Comics in Dublin, Ohio to host a special charity stream for the one and only Tracy Yardley! We aim to start around 3pm EST, and it will be a fun filled event for people of all ages. We plan to spend time playing several Sonic games, talking about the Archie series and Tracy’s influential work on them over the years, and we’ll be airing an exclusive interview with the man himself!
In order to explain, let me pass over to the man himself:

To My Wonderful Fans,
Having worked with Archie Comics on the Sonic the Hedgehog comics has been a great privilege. Unlooked for, the good people of the Packrat Sonic Club of Packrat Comics in Hilliard, Ohio had  a divine revelation that I could use some help and decided to run a benefit on my behalf. As some may know, I am the father of 5 children. My wife and I adopted 3 and had 2 of our own as well. By many standards I am a very rich man, but this last year has been trying in the money department. I know there are many out there who are in a much worse position that I am, but I’m very grateful for the help offered to me. I am continually awed by the love and encouragement I receive from my fans and I hope to help with future charity efforts to share the amazing goodwill that my fans have shown me.
With gratitude,
Tracy Yardley!

Tracy has been kind enough to offer up some personal signed material for the stream, we have signed issues, trade paperbacks, toys and original art to give away for donators!
We hope to see you at 3pm EST on Saturday April 19th at the FTCR Twitch channel for what promises to be an afternoon of fun no Sonic fan will want to miss!

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  • Reply

    Gareth’s ugly mug on the front page of my Retro, I hoped I’d never see this day

    • Reply

      Just because of that, we’ll be increasing coverage of him. When the site becomes Gareth Retro… it all started right here. Good job.

  • Reply

    Seriously? This is one of the most ridiculous charity streams I have ever heard of.

    Before any of you think about donating to someone who probably isn’t in desperate need think about the many, many charities and organisations that could make a real difference with your donations.

    FTA and Sonic Retro should hang their heads in shame at this stupid idea.

    • Reply

      Don’t shoot the messenger. We always welcome people telling us of any notable charity drives going on around the scene. Notice this is a guest post courtesy of a community member. We’re not affiliated with it otherwise. I agree it’s a bit of an odd donation drive and there are arguably other places donation money should go, but then that turns into a very murky discussion about how people use their money and if they’d actually donate to these places without incentive.

    • Reply

      That’s fine Dynamite. People can use their money as they see fit, we’re just aiming to provide a vehicle for those who are fans of Tracy to help him out. This isn’t meant to compete against other charitable causes. We’d just like to help out someone who has really done a lot to help improve the comic’s image. We all need a little help sometimes.

      Thank you for your feedback nonetheless, though.

  • Reply

    Gene….no! I’ll do anything, anything!

  • Reply

    People (of course) can spend their money however they want I just think that when you start raising money to pay someones bills you start going down a route that cheapens the idea of a charity stream. FTA is asking people to donate money to a person who for all we know could just live beyond their means, I don’t know but that’s the point.

    I’m surprised that Tracy is even okay with this I can’t see many people feeling comfortable with something like this.

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