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October 2011

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Who Doesn’t Love Rap About Sonic the Hedgehog?

For some reason, Sonic the Hedgehog has inspired quite a large amount of rap. Sure, we’ve all heard Duane and BrandO’s seven minute epic more than you’d want to admit. And Sonic Rap has crept on the front page more than once. But this, my friends, might be the one to top them all. Once you listen to “Sonic the Hedgehog rap,” you will never be the same. This I can promise you.

Keep on spinnin’ me. Spammin’ me.

[Source: Bigsmilereviews Channel on YouTube]

Game News

Sonic Wins Golden Joystick Award, Generations Site Shows Off Time Eater

Though it was announced beforehand, the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise was recognized today at the coveted Golden Joystick Awards held in London, England. Though not winning for any specific game, the franchise was given Outstanding Contribution Award, in honor of the 20 years of influence the gaming mascot has had in the industry.

For those keeping track, this is actually the third Golden Joystick the Sonic series has received in recent years, the first two being awarded in 2004. The first for Handheld Game Of The Year (Sonic Advance 3), the second for “The Sun Ultimate Gaming Hero.” Wow, Advance 3 even beat out Superstar Saga!…but digress. Who knows if Sonic Generations will play a part in next year’s ceremonies, but since we have less than two weeks before that game comes rolling out, it only makes sense for Sega to throw up some new shots on the official site for the game.

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Game News

Second Sonic CD Trailer Commands Changing The Future

With Sonic Generations dropping in less than two weeks, sights are beginning to move to the next point for Sonic as he hits the Past signpost and revisits a more simple time where Time Stones, Metal Sonic and Rosie the Rascal where some of his bigger headaches.

Sega released a new trailer for Sonic CD, powered by Christian “The Taxman” Whitehead’s Retro Engine, showing off how the game looks in its new wide screen perspective as Quartz Quadrant’s International Present music jams on in the background under a random announcer. Not much more to say outside of it’s Sonic CD as you truly remember it, only with a wider perspective and a different soundtrack for the U.S. folks.

Before jumping the gun on the Sonic 4 mention, please remember that Sega’s own Sonic Digital Brand Manager Ken Balough clarified that Sonic CD‘s story will be a pivotal point in Sonic 4: Episode II, especially given the Metal Sonic nod after completing Episode I with all seven Chaos Emeralds in tow.

Sonic CD is scheduled to boom onto Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, PC Download services, and the iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 app stores later this year.

Game Secrets

Second Generations Demo Round-Up: More Things Found!

So, if the Sonic Generations demo has dropped in your locale and/or platform of choice, you’ve probably had time to see the improvements to the engine and performance that have been made since the first demo came out–and they’re very encouraging, indeed.

However, that’s not really the fun part of getting a demo: getting new code to tear apart is. We found spoilers; they’re under the break. You’ve been warned. Continue Reading

Game News

Happy 17th Birthday Sonic & Knuckles

Today is October the 18th, which exactly 17 years ago, on Oct 18th 1994, saw a simultaneous US & EU release of Sonic & Knuckles, finally completing the half-finished game Sonic 3 that Sega had released earlier in the year. With the upcoming Sonic Generations featuring at least 2 S&K levels, it’s nice to look back and reflect on what was arguably the highest point the franchise has reached to date, in terms of the crap-to-crud ratio of titles available; and the completion of the final of the 4 main Mega Drive/Genesis titles.

So, discuss! I remember S&K being the closest to launch I’d ever owned any Sonic title to that point – I THINK I got it as an Xmas present rather than actually buying it outright (£45 or so was a lot of money to a 9 year old in 1994), though. I remember spending hours Locking-On random Mega Drive games to it and playing their special stages, as well as being amazed at how Knuckles could be shoved into Sonic 2, a game that had been out nearly 2 years by that point.

What are your memories of this classic?

Game News

Sonic Generations Second Demo Confirmed

In a surprising, yet not that surprising move, Sega announced today that a second Sonic Generations demo would be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ahead of its release date on November 4th.

The first demo of the game featured both classic and modern Sonic in Green Hill Zone, though the levels and contents of this second demo are yet to be announced. Europeans will be able to download the demo October 19th (Wednesday!) No word yet on whether North America and other regions will have access the same day.

Update: The release date is in fact November 4, not 5. Tiny netbooks have tiny keyboards. Sorry, guys.

Game News

NYCC 11: Sonic Generations 3DS Has Modern Mushroom Hill Mix, Rumored Delay

Since our last look at the Nintendo 3DS version at the Tokyo Game Show in September, one of the concerns was if Modern Sonic’s Mushroom Hill Zone was going to get a proper remix instead of a straight recycle of the original stage music. The build shown at New York City Comic Con over the weekend can now dismiss those fears. Sounds a bit like the FM Synth version of the song from Sonic and Knuckles Collection on the PC with a rock guitar backing, because that’s how Modern Sonic rolls… or boosts.

The video, provided by Nintendo World Report, also includes more looks at Classic Mushroom Hill, Green Hill Zone, and the Big Arm boss battle from Sonic 3. With Classic Sonic’s Mushroom Hill, anyone feel the last checkpoint in the stage is kind of useless without the Lumberjack mid boss?

However, not all is good news for the 3DS version. Games Radar is reporting that the 3DS version may need to slow down, being apparently pushed back into early next year instead of releasing alongside its PS3/360/PC big brother. It’s unknown if the delay is actually due to polishing up the 3DS version more or to see how Nintendo’s handheld fairs with consumers this Holiday season.

We’ll keep you posted as more on the 3DS version comes in. Thanks to commenter Aerobian-Angel for the tip on the video!