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Monday Links: Spherical Blue Objects Edition

Whoa, I’m actually available to do these today.  Aight.

Sonic Retro News

  • Techie MainMemory takes the lock-on out of the equation and delivers a stand-alone ROM of Blue Sphere. [Blue Sphere]
  • Ah, but what if you don’t want to play those old Blue Sphere levels again?  Well, make your own with this handy tool from member Trisphere, dummy! [TriSphere Thread]
  • We’ve featured a “Sonic 2 SMS Easy” hack before, where the 3rd act actually has rings, but this mini-hack by Ravenfreak makes it even easier by adding a double jump. [Random Hack/Mini-Project Thread]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Sonic will be making a cameo in a Namco drumming game for iPod/iPhone because you just love Sonic 4 that much. [SEGAbits]
  • We all knew that SEGA’s tie-in game for Thor was going to blow.  Marvel knew it, too.  That’s why they released a 16-bit flash version of Thor before SEGA’s turd. Alternatively, you can not license your game to SEGA in the first place. [GamePro]
  • Guardian Heroes is coming out on XBLA and that’s a big deal, bro. [Ars Technica]
  • Eurogamer reflects on the original Sonic the Hedgehog.  Stop me if you’ve read this article before. [Eurogamer]
  • Joystiq got to play Sonic Generations late last month, noting that Classic Sonic’s jump is odd (Sonic Team struggling with gravity?  What an unsurprising revelation!) and Modern Sonic’s gameplay plays itself (NEWSFLASH!!). [Joystiq]

Other Stuff

  • Something wrong with your beer?  Well, you should check the manual to troubleshoot it! [Picshag]
  • I saw this image on a hockey blog I frequent.  This Russian player’s name is unfortunate as fuck. [twitpic]
  • You never know when you’ll be in a heated Rock Paper Scissors battle.  Study this chart and you’ll be the champ. [Buzzfeed]

Monday Video

I met a person from Cleveland yesterday and for the entire day, these two videos were playing over and over in my head.

Here’s the sequel that doesn’t allow embedding, but proudly admits that Cleveland is not Detroit.

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  • Reply

    Baking is not just a hobby. It’s more like a work of art (especially when you get into specialized pastries)!

  • Reply

    Picshag link’s dead. Now how am I ever going to figure what’s wrong with my beer? My life’s over!

  • Reply

    “Joystiq got to play Sonic Generations late last month, noting that Classic Sonic’s jump is odd (Sonic Team struggling with gravity? What an unsurprising revelation!)”
    – Here’s a counterpoint Sling, “…according to OXM, Sonic’s jump physics are ‘weighted perfectly'” That info is from Sonic Stadium and coincides with that of If there had been no recent changes to said physics (seeing as your info is quite dated), then you need to get your facts straight. And try reading more than one article in between posts.

    “and Modern Sonic’s gameplay plays itself (NEWSFLASH!!).”
    – That’s a cheap shot, Sling. We all know that Sonic games these days have auto-run sections because SEGA knows that there are people who just won’t continue their movement at times (see jump-stop physic in Sonic 4). At least its not as bad as Secret Rings’ “Hey I’ll run, you steer!”

    • Reply

      I need to get my facts straight? You mean, my opinions? Opinions aren’t facts.

  • Reply

    Should’ve been more specific.

    Trisphere isn’t out yet.

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    >This Russian player’s name is unfortunate as fuck.


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