Your Desktop Looks Boring, Take This

With all the Sonic Generations footage coming out of the woodwork this week, there’s plenty of material to gawk at. Some of our forum members have used this abundance of footage to create some desktop wallpapers.  Now, you can hype yourself up for Sonic Generations even when your Internet browser is closed.

This first one is a quick work of ProwlerX, combining the high-res artwork with an HD screenshot.

Retro Member Sonica brings us a grouping of screenshots with the game’s logo and the leaked box art image, found last week.

Right click the images and save them or left click ’em to see them in full resolution.  Thanks to ProwlerX and Sonica for putting them together.  If you’ve created your own desktop wallpaper, share it in the comments.

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    Meh, I’ll make some on my freetime.

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    Wow, didn’t think my wallpaper would be featured! Thanks Slingerland!

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    I made a wallpaper soon after the initial teaser trailer was released:

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    Good job on the wallpaper, guys. I’ve got Sonica’s up right now. ProwlerX’s should literally be converted to physical wallpaper or a poster. I’m saving both.

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    Oh wow, wasn’t expecting this, thanks Slingerland!

    Ah, nice surprise.

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    no love for modern Sonic? *maybe i’ll make one and share it :)* anyway great wallpapers i really liked them!

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    Problem with the second one is the logo is scan quality and doesn’t fit in with the quality of the in-game graphics. It doesn’t blend well at all. Here’s hoping the finalized cover is revealed soon so that an improved version can be made, assuming it’ll still have that same picture, but higher quality.

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    Nope, not high enough resolution. Make sure to let me know if they give you something more in the range of 3840×1200.

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    I cant make a bigger one just yet, but I have made one with rings scattered around the screen, so disguise the seams.

    I can try to make the scan picture nicer at some point, but not just yet.

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