Random Thoughts: Sonic Generations Media Blowout

Sonic Adventure started a new era for Sonic.  It was the first major Sonic game since Sonic & Knuckles and people went crazy over it.  With Dreamcast units and copies of the game selling out, Sonic “was back.”  The gameplay, while still going from point-A to point-B, shifted to “speed first, jump later.”  The sequel was met to a great reaction as well.  I was a part of this madness and enjoyed every minute of it.

So, with all this fun, why is SEGA bringing back the classic design and gameplay after all this time?  No matter what you say or think, Sonic Generations exists because this “new” generation has been average to downright miserable.  Failed reboot after failed reboot saw some of the worst ideas and execution in video game history.  The Adventure games, with all their initial critical and commercial praise, have aged poorly and serve as the starting point for all the errors existing in the games today.

It’s as a result of this failure that people started pining for the time when the games were successively good.  We were supposed to get that with Sonic 4: Episode 1, but that only furthered matters.  The game still managed to be an abomination, even after going “back to the roots” the furthest out of any Sonic game in the modern era.  Sonic’s modern design became the poster child for bad games, forcing those without brains to write dissertations on eye color.

Even if you like the new games, it’s undeniable that we’re here because Sonic Colors was too little, too late.

With yesterday’s  Sonic Generations media blow-out, we’ve seen enough to finally get excited for something.  A new Sonic game that is worth our time and money is in sight and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.  Until then, here are a few observations/realizations that we’ve derived from the trailer and gameplay footage.

Thank you, SEGA, for releasing a substantial amount of gameplay footage.

When SEGA made the initial announcement yesterday, only screenshots were found.  Then, IGN got the gameplay exclusive, followed by a slew of in-game video from some random Spanish video game site.  While it only took 3-seconds to know that Sonic 4: Episode 1 sucked (for real, a lot of people were like, “IT’S ONLY 3 SECONDS” and we all ended up being totally right), it’s nice to have a slew of content to put all fears to rest.  We’ve seen enough to know that Sonic Generations is the real deal.

Past the jump: Fan project influence, complaining pays off, the fate of Sonic 4, nostalgia whoring and Modern Sonic’s last chance.

Thank you, Sonic Fan Remix and BlobVanDam.

Sonic Generations is SFR without the "fan" part.

I’ve been around fangaming the longest out of any sect of this community.  I’ve seen some greats come and go.  Whenever a project is near professional standards, other people in the community pick it up, run to SEGA’s forums or Twitter account and post it.  “Dear, SEGA. THIS,” is all they say.

This past year, fangaming became so professional looking that mainstream gaming blogs and magazines were raving about them.  Sonic fans and video game fans at large were all like, “THIS” to SEGA.  The American and European branches of SEGA were well aware of the projects.  Talk to any of the PR team or brand managers… they’ve got some stories to tell.

While BlobVanDam’s Mushroom Hill video technically is not a fangame, it had the same effect.  People adored it and wanted to see more.  When a playable, even prettier package came out in Sonic Fan Remix, people ran out of clean pants.  With all this hoopla, it’s hard not to see that Sonic Generations is a product of it all.  You can call b.s. on it all you want, but I’ve got people who will tell you otherwise.

Tell me, what other video game community has the intelligence and talent to construct what they really want instead of simply complaining about it?  Actions speak louder than words, after all.  Whine about the Sonic community all you want, but that’s just rad, man.

All that complaining and feedback paid off.

“All Sonic fans do is complain.”  “Whatever SEGA does, Sonic Retro is going to hate it.”  Yeah, joke and overgeneralize all you want, but without all the complaining and feedback given to the community team at official events or the SEGA forums, would Sonic Generations even exist?  All anybody here wanted to play was a good game for a change and SEGA was obliging us by providing opportunities to let our voices be heard.

It’s great to have standards.  Without them, we wouldn’t have what could be the greatest Sonic experience of the last decade.  If you don’t understand why everybody on staff and in our forums were passionate in airing their grievances with past titles, just watch those gameplay videos again and smile.  Or just stop loving bad games.

Everybody’s happy, because it finally looks like they’re doing it right.

What happens to Sonic the Hedgehog 4?

Hey, bros.

The Classic Sonic segments of Sonic Generations should have been Sonic the Hedgehog 4.  However, all we got was a turd on a tugboat.  With classic Sonic running around in full 3D with what looks like the original physics (there are some hiccups here and there, but it’s significantly better than Sonic 4), the second episode of the downloadable adventure will look even more like trash.

They might as well not make anymore episodes.  If they do, they need to up its game significantly in every department to hook people.  Classic physics, 16-bit graphics… I could go on.  They don’t necessarily have to go the Genesis route, but they have to do something.

The icing on this situation’s cake is that after all those worthless internet petitions and community outcry, Classic Sonic is back.  If Classic Sonic isn’t in the second episode, I can safely say those complaints will amplify exponentially.  It’s not like adding Classic Sonic magically makes the game better, but you know how people get.  They prefer to complain about cosmetic preferences, like models and voice acting, and chastise those who want good gameplay.  I don’t want to re-live that again.

Currently, Sonic 4: Episode 2 is in limbo, but is rumored to be one of the three games released this year for Sonic’s 20th anniversary.

Where do you go after Sonic Generations?

When I was in college at Nebraska, the ’07-’08 football team was the worst team in decades.  As a result, they kept bringing back the legends of the past to honor them at each game to pacify the pissed off fans who were treated to the worst football they’ve ever seen.  A once proud institution was a national punchline.  Sound familiar?

With every bad/average Sonic game, SEGA teased “back to the roots” and retro callbacks to the previous games that could never cover up the foul stench of their games.  It was nostalgia whoring at its finest to hook the jaded, classic fanbase and it only furthered their disdain for all things new.  At the time, with its rehashing of content, Sonic 4 was the pinnacle of using nostalgia for marketing and impulse buys.

Oh ho ho, but Sonic Generations… no, this game is the pinnacle of nostalgia.  Old stages, old gameplay and classic Sonic, the crown jewel of Sonic throwbacks.  This game is the definition of playing it safe.  After the dust has settled and it’s time for a new Sonic game, what’s SEGA going to do?  They can’t fall back on nostalgia anymore, as this game has tapped that deep well of memories.

My guess is that they use this game to gauge fan interest for future titles and, hopefully, those future titles have 100% original content.  Once you go full-blown 3D Green Hill, there’s no going back.

Modern Sonic has to step up or risk becoming a werehog.

When I think "werehog," I think the Sonic Pinball Party guy going, "Boooo..."

No idea is as bad as the werehog, but the meaning here is that Modern Sonic could be that half of the game where a majority of people don’t want to play.

Like I stated in the intro, we wouldn’t have this game if the Sonic games of the last 5 years were more consistent.  One half of this game exists because the other half has been stinkin’ up the joint.  I know they’re trying to appeal to the two generations of fans and their two preferred play-styles, but let’s be real here.

If you read my Sonic Colors review, you’ll notice that I had a good time with most of it.  The modern Sonic game was saved in part to more platforming and the second dimension.  Will that be the case still in Sonic Generations when Classic Sonic will be handling the two-dimensional platforming?  The gameplay footage from the Iizuka interview seems to indicate that Modern Sonic will be a festival of boosting, dash-pads and bad turning mechanics.  You know, everything we dislike.  Do you even play these parts or do you watch them?

You’re probably thinking to yourself right now that I want Modern Sonic to fail in this game.  Well, you’re an idiot.  I want to play this game really badly and the last thing I want is for half of it to be boring or sub-par.  I want to gleefully play the entirety of Sonic Generations and not have to hand the Modern Sonic parts to my 12-year old cousin.

For the first time, both gameplay styles are side-by-side, allowing players to truly determine which is better.  If one is lagging behind the other, people will take notice.  Greeneyes, step your game up, because this game is your last chance to show everybody what you can do.  You’ll more than likely get more games after this one, but you’ll have absolutely no clout.

That’s it!

We’ve reached the end of this article.  It sure was fun, wasn’t it?  We’re still waiting back on confirmation, but we have applied to go to E3 where we can playtest this magnificent product. Until next time…

We’re so happy to finally be happy!


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  • Reply

    Well said, Slingerland. I don’t know of any other fan community that has ever had this much influence over an ignorant videogame company; enough influence to get them to truly go back to Sonic’s glory days and do them justice. If successful, I eagerly look forward to what the future holds.

    Perhaps a game based off the OVA wouldn’t be too far out of the question.

  • Reply

    Great read. and interesting thoughts. Only thing that caught my eye: I thought Sonic 4 was confirmed by Ken via SEGA forums?

    • Reply

      Episode 2, that is.

  • Reply

    This game isn’t a result of Sonic Colors being “too little too late” there was talk about this game I believe since before Sonic Colors was announced.

  • Reply

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, every new game is modern Sonic’s last chance. It never ends.

  • Reply

    You all do realize that Sonic Generations has probably been in development before Sonic 4 Episode 1, and more likely before the shitstorm that followed it, right?

    • Reply

      It hasn’t.

      • Reply

        I’m pretty sure “Been in development since Sonic Unleashed” was before sonic 4.

  • Reply

    Brad, that whole point you made under “Thank you, Sonic Fan Remix and BlobVanDam”? Fucking spot on. Sure, there are some parts of the Sonic fan community that’s a joke, but… it’s not really exclusive to Sonic. I can vouch that the Metal Gear fan community has it’s large share of stupidity as well.

    The thing is, I have rarely seen a fan community that takes matters into their own hands. There is so much fanmade material that looks amazing and some of it, as you have stated, blows official works out of the water. I mean, fuck, I remember when Blaze started the first SAGE and I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Now there’s an actual fan convention held in the UK. Either way, my point is that while certain people will actually get paid to write articles in magazines demonizing the fan community as somehow holding back Sonic, Generations proves otherwise.

    I will also say that you forgot to thank another entity… Sonic Retro. Lots of skeptics, critics and what others derogatorily call “armchair physicists”express their opinions outside of Retro, but there is more of an acceptance here in addition to the opposing “but i liek sonic 4” viewpoint. Most other places often label criticism as coming from “trolls,” “haters,” and “not true fans.” Which is funny, because it seems like SEGA (or at least SEGA of America) actually gives a shit about different opinions asides from blind fanboyism.

  • Reply

    This article insists upon itself.

    First off, this idea that “we” are somehow responsible for this game is untrue. The idea that Fan Remix and the 3D Mushroom Hill are responsible is a gross exaggeration as well. The fandom did influence this, but in the same way the Transformers fandom influences Hasbro to make updates of Classic characters; they exist and there’s a market for it. This was why they remade Green Hill in the days of SA2 and why they’re doing it again… because there’s an audience for it, and it’s the right time for it. The reason they’re doing this is because it’s Sonic’s 20th anniversary, and each time a franchise does this, there’s an effort to make it bigger and better.

    Frankly, I’d think that as fan game developers, you’d also have more familiarity with the ins and outs of game design. This game was likely in the concept phase from the moment we first heard about Colors, and in actual development before we even saw the physical material from Fan Remix. That’s a fact of production, dude; this was already happening before those guys showed their stuff. The only thing Fan Remix and 3D Mushroom Hill should be given credit for is the fact that they hit on the same idea and pulled it off.

    Frankly, I don’t begrudge the fandom for what it’s done to keep Sonic alive. It’s seen us through some dark times, both a product of Sega’s and our own twisted pettiness. But the way this article reads, it’s like Generations is going to be there because of us, and that Takeshi Izuka and the guys at Sega are a bunch of screeching monkeys who are finally listening to their proper handlers instead of throwing poo at each other. But the fact of the matter is, they’ve seen Sonic through those dark times too. And while they are most certainly in it for the money as well, whenever I watch both trailers, I see genuine love for the Blue Blur in all his myriad incarnations.

    And that’s what this game is. A celebration. A celebration of a long, twenty year saga with its ups, downs, and loop de loops. A celebration that includes Sonic 1, Sonic Adventure, the Green Hill Music music and Open Your Heart.

    If you guys need to congratulate yourselves for something, congratulate yourself for your unwavering love for a great character, a character whose face has evolved and changed, and then now stands proudly alongside its progenitor. Because that’s what this game is going to ultimately be about. Not about last chances. Not about fixing what once went wrong. Not about defying the Sonic Cycle.

    This is a love letter to everyone who collected the chaos emeralds, freed the animals, became Super Sonic, destroyed the Death Egg, fought Perfect Chaos, stopped the Ark from falling, who befriended Chip and saved the Wisps. Who helped a friendly nemesis Knuckles become less gullible and fought along Shadow as he defied his creator’s mad design. A character who always rises to stop Eggman, Robotnik, or whatever the hell you call him. A character who has inspired fan games, fan made remixes, fan fiction, cheesy rom-hacks, mary sues, and lots of arguments on internet forums. Because Sonic is, and remains, someone we care about.

    The two Sonics are running alongside each other as brothers. And that Sega understands that these two are both equal halves of the same legacy means more to me than anything else.

    • Reply

      Hey, Razorsaw, who talks to SEGA producers? Me. Who doesn’t talk to SEGA producers? You. I’m not trying to be sardonic here, but those are the facts. The fans (and the fan projects) had a big impact on this game’s existence. If it wasn’t true I wouldn’t have posted it.

      Sonic Fan Remix was a 2.5D Sonic fangame featured Classic Sonic that saw him tackling a re-imagining of classic stages from various games. Are you saying that Sonic Generations isn’t that game, but with Modern Sonic along for the ride? (By the way, Sonic Generations started development after SFR’s release.)

      While you’ve written a really nice sentiment about celebrating the series, if you think that the game exists solely for celebration’s sake, you’re absolutely incorrect. It’s not hard to see, without asking anybody at SEGA, that everything in this game is born from fan feedback, fan projects and public outcry.

      Honestly, I get the impression that you just post comments on my articles for the sake of doing it. Do some research and networking next time.

      • Reply

        Dude, I posted comments contesting this in the last thread. It’s not all about you.

        But you’re asking me to believe that this game was conceptualized, had ADR work done, rendering, and tons of other things completed in a very narrow time frame. And based on what? The good faith that you know things.

        • Reply

          There are only two finished levels in Sonic Generations currently, which was also confirmed in an Iizuka interview released yesterday. You can make a product such as this one in little time if you’ve got a large, dedicated team. They have until this holiday season to get it out. Sonic Team has worked on tighter time constraints. They’re professionals.

          That’s right. I do know things. It pays to know things.

          Also, it’s just voice recording, not ADR. ADR implies replacement of lines.

        • Reply

          Forgive me then. I used the wrong term (ADR); thank you for correcting me.

          That said, I still remain suspicious. Especially considering the time frame considering the leaked information about this game that we got some months back.

        • Reply

          RubyEclipse over on Neogaf said: “This game has been in development for quite some time.” Which gives what Razorsaw said some weight, not picking sides but if this comes from someone within Sega I’d say this may have been being made before Fan Remix became public knowledge.

        • Reply

          Ah, yes, that chestnut. FTA, that is a good point.

          However, if this entire Generations package was in development before Sonic Fan Remix (released October 21st), then why wasn’t all of this in Sonic 4? Sonic 4 was released two weeks prior to SFR and endured a season-long delay and should’ve had all the things Generations has. The Sonic 4 delay was caused by the feedback that is clearly taken into account in these Generations videos.

          Also, if the concept of Generations existed well before October, why was all the feedback shot down by Iizuka in subsequent interviews following Sonic 4’s release?

          SEGA has been on the hunt for feedback since Sonic 4’s release. Everything you see in that trailer (at least on the Classic Sonic side of things) is a result of feedback from events and private calls.

          Also, while Ruby and company are total bros, they’re PR. They’d never admit any of this in a million years. Do you remember when SEGA said that Unleashed was in development before Sonic ’06 came out? That was clearly false. Why did ’06 suck so bad if they had this great new engine being developed alongside it?

        • Reply

          I would say due to circumstances of development. You can’t change boats in mid-stream that easily. Plus, they had clear directional differences; DIMPS was in charge of Sonic 4. Saying “why didn’t it have what Generations has” is like saying “why didn’t it have Colors’ superior level design?” Because that’s not really something you can just DO.

        • Reply

          When you’re using established engines in Generations (Modern Sonic’s gameplay is lifted from Unleashed/Colors), you cut down significantly on programming time. The code was there already. Again, only two levels have been completed for Generations.

          Sonic 4 exists because people complained about 3D Sonic. This game exists because people complained about Sonic 4.

  • Reply

    This game better have the classic characters such as knuckles, tails, mecha sonic, metal sonic, chaotix team.. I keep going on and on hoping that this game gives us more then what we expect..

  • Reply

    I personally think SEGA is gonna get their highest score in years with Sonic games; I mean, in reviews. But unfortunately, the day where you look at magazines and see a Sonic title as Game of the Year will never come.

    I totally understand this website’s philosophy, but sometimes, I feel like no one is giving Modern Sonic a chance. While I agree you cannot blind yourself to the truth that the recent titles have been mediocre, I believe some have been too good to be compared to the rest.

    I’m mainly talking about the handheld titles. Sonic Advance, Sonic Rush; they are damn good titles. Graphically speaking, I think Sonic ’06 had better looking graphics than Unleashed, but it’s not about looks obviously.

    Guys, give Modern Sonic a chance again; remember that if SEGA decided to just kill Sonic off years ago (which many of you feel that way), you wouldn’t have this game coming out.

    • Reply

      Personally, I thought that only 06, SA2, and Black Knight were terrible games. Shadow and Heroes were meh. SA, Colors, all the handheld titles, and Secret Rings were great.

  • Reply

    +10 Respect points to Slingerland for this.

  • Reply

    Well said. But I stress not getting overexcited or blinded by the light. Yes, this does look like what Sonic 4 should have been, and it does look like the absolutely ultimate nostalgic throwback game Sonic has ever had, and I DO want to play it, but at the same time it also looks like a natural progression from its predecessors: Sonic Colors and Sonic 4, along with all or some of our grievances. These games were not perfect and only relatively groundbreaking; Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Rush before it were either loved or hated, and both had their intrinsic flaws that carried over onto their successors. Until we play the game, who’s to say that Sonic Generations takes no larger steps forward then those from Unleashed to Colors and Rush to 4, and then they decide to make “Sonic Generations 2: Here’s all the other throwbacks we left out and everything that we messed up we fixed honest”?

    I will definitely agree with you on these points: I am elated to see SEGA appealing to both parties of fans with this amazing looking game, and after this SEGA really ought to get more original with their Sonic titles in order to impress us again. For now, though, I just want to take this baby for a spin and see how it rides. Apologies if I’m being more negative that necessary, but this is Sonic we’re talking about.

  • Reply

    Well done, Slingerland. There’s a lot of passion and reasoning in this article. I’ll have to add though, that while the Werehog’s execution was grotesque, I find those levels to be more solid and enjoyable than those scripted, boost-happy, can’t-make-a-30-degree-turn glitch-fests called “day-time stages”.


  • Reply

    And now for the fun part: not the waiting to play this game, but the eventual rebuttals and the continued use of the Sonic Cycle image.

    Read: the latter is a great way to show you’re too mindless to form your own argument.

    • Reply

      God I am so fucking sick of that image. In my eyes it was destroyed with Sonic Colors.

  • Reply

    great read, every time I watch the gameplay footage and look at screenshots, my jaded cynical black heart becomes more and more like the 11 year old playing genisis and dreamcast, I realy am a bit excited, so this is it if this game isn’t good, then I FINALY say enough, I know I said that after sonic 4, and after sonic unleashed, but hey what ever if they cant make THIS work then they dont deserve forgivness

  • Reply

    Why do I think I’m the only one that thinks SEGA and Sonic Team did all these shit, mediocre, and decent games just troll us before the big game, Sonic Generations?

    • Reply

      I agree. It’s like Mario. He has so many great games I don’t give a shit about any new games the N makes for him.

  • Reply

    The thought that Sonic Colors was “too little too late” gives me some eerie vibes akin to Gonterman thinking he saved Sally Acorn from death – the point where a dedicated fan turns into an e-psychopath with a twisted sense of entitlement. When the series is riddled with mediocre or worse games, an outstanding one is not only never too late, it’s exactly what was needed. If Generations turns out to be worthwhile, it’s because Colors was the turning point. Too late my ass.
    Though if good Sonic games do start to come out as a result, I have to wonder what’s going to happen to the cesspool-esque fanbase. No more dissecting of the eye colors, no more scrutinizing the first few seconds of a trailer, no more flame wars over the color of a spring or the speed of Sonic’s mid-air spin, no more vandalizing the Facebook pages of 14 year old girls that liked Sonic 06. There will be nothing left for the crazies to bitch about, no reason for them to pretend that Sega is wrapped around their fingers briskly responding to their every whim, no more pretentious articles cutting people down in swaths over which Sonic games they do and don’t like and how Sonic Team is the devil.
    It might actually get pretty boring.

    • Reply

      ..but there will be peace finally..and I think Sonic deserves it.

  • Reply

    Classic Sonic will not be speaking in Generations.

  • Reply

    i still won’t believe Sonic Generations is SEGA’s answer to Sonic Fan Remix until i see a valid prove by SEGA, i’m pretty sure the game was in development even before the project SFR was announced, the game and the engine looks way improved over what we been getting lately and it only tells that SEGA been working on it for long enough, also we heard the rumors about the anniversary game almost a year ago which were proven true!

    • Reply

      I can tell you from having experience working in public relations that they will never admit such a thing.

      • Reply


      • Reply

        that’s still doesn’t prove it, it’s like accusing someone of stealing and saying he’ll never admit it, where’s your prove?

        • Reply

          Not the point–the point is that asking for SEGA to admit it is like asking a crime lord to walk into a police station and turn himself in.

  • Reply

    I do think you have a point about Modern Sonic falling out of favor because of his gameplay style compared to Classic.
    On the other hand, I still like Unleashed’s day stages even compared to the classics, so I myself am not worried.
    Also, you said you’ve talked to the SEGA producers. Did they say anything about Episode 2 (that you can tell us)?

  • Reply

    “What other video game community has the intelligence and talent to construct what they really want instead of simply complaining about it?”

    The Smash Bros. Community

    • Reply

      Ah, I forgot about those clever sons of bitches. Project Melee is the shit.

  • Reply

    I actually like Modern Sonic as much as I like Classic Sonic, don’t put words in our mouths and assume that all of us hate the reflex based, high-speed gameplay.

    • Reply

      The “We” is “Sonic Retro.” Are you “Sonic Retro?” Then, the statements in question don’t apply to you.

      • Reply

        Still a gross generalization by definition.

  • Reply


    Although I’m approaching this game with a healthy dose of cynicism, I have to admit, the bits of gameplay released do appear to have got classic Sonic gameplay righter than any game has for years and years and years.

    Like you, Slingerland, it just makes me question the future of Sonic 4.

    I mean… The one episode we have is awful, and the apparent gameplay in Generations makes it look like a joke.

    How are Sega going to handle that?

    Make a new version of Episode 1 which erases all references to Ol’ Greeneyes and the shitty controls he represented? Unlikely.

    Or change it from Episode 2 onwards? Because that still leaves you with a very shitty first episode if you want to play through the whole story.

    Personally, I think the only way forward is shitcan the entire project, put S4:E1 in the discard pile with Sonic 2006, and make a Classic Sonic game that comes up to scratch with what we’re seeing in the Generations footage, possibly using the Hedgehog Engine.

  • Reply

    So are Classic Sonic’s levels a “Oh so that’s what you wanted, here you go” response or a middle finger (“let’s see you outdo this!”) to Sonic Fan Remix? I can’t help but wonder if it’s one of those kinds of responses to it in some way.

  • Reply

    Very well put slingerland. I agree with your points and hope that they do manage to make M. sonic segments of generations good and continue to do so with future games. The nostalgia well is just about over…

    (oh yeah I hope you guys get excepted to E3)

  • Reply

    XD nebraska football is an oxymoron. Storied tradition my ass. Nebraska was only a “power” because they played in the fucking big 8, against patsies. Put them in a real conference and they go 9-1 over the span of 10 games against real teams.

    Nebraska football. XD, what a great joke.

  • Reply

    “Everybody’s happy, because it finally looks like they’re doing it right.”


    I don’t know about you, but I think I heard “Shadow” in that Spanish video interview.

    “No idea is as bad as the werehog,”
    I heavily disagree “Shadow the Hedgehog” was much worse. Then again “Opinions!”

    “Sonic Generations is SFR without the “fan” part.”

    Heh, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought SFR=SG I dunno about the MHZ 3D video.

    “While it only took 3-seconds to know that Sonic 4: Episode 1 sucked (for real, a lot of people were like, “IT’S ONLY 3 SECONDS” and we all ended up being totally right”

    Oh dear not this again, Personally I found it amusing, then again I got it free.

    Anyway, Good article I think the game will be as good as how little Shadow is in it..

  • Reply

    I have a hard time thinking anything vould be better than the Sonic 1 Megamix hack. It does everything I like. Especially that Hit hte sonic border running shoes song. Something about it I still like today.

    I’m hoping this game is gonna be good or at least better than decent.
    Hopefully they’ll focus on two games in one rather than two halves of one.
    A good 6/8 levels for each version, special stages that aren’t tied to the stage number and force the player to use a level select.
    You know, things that make sense.

    I’m expecting something better than Sonic Colors since the horrible songs will be gone hopefully, and it’ll be a focus on gameplay.

    Still, it kinda seems like a step back and all this time I’ve wanted to see the Sonic franchise evolve.
    I do really hope the next one will take it in the right direction.
    Open world style sonic might be nice. I’d like to see a Sonic CD style open world game sorta. Just curious if it could work I guess. But no missions. Something more classic style and creative.

  • Reply

    Okay, so…lemme get this straight…
    You’re telling me that within 5 or 6 months, they put ALL of this together.

    …Tell me how that’s even possible. I’d like to know. ‘Cause I can’t think of a single game out there, professionally made or not, that could come up with something of this caliber that fast, no matter how large the team was.

    • Reply

      The development of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was around a year. Add a few extra months if you take writing the script and plot-related research into consideration. Generations is an HD game so it should involve more development time but it also probably has a bigger team involved.

      • Reply

        Wasn’t Peace Walker a portable game? And made by the same team that did MGS4?
        They could have easily used game scripting from any previous game. This would probably include using a condensed version of a previous engine (or one of the other portable game’s engines), thus cutting down on production time.

        The only thing they could have taken from somewhere else here is Unleashed, which they obviously did, but as for the classic part, I don’t think they could have gotten all that done so well from scratch. Can’t take directly from the actual classics, can they? If they can, it’d be interesting to know how they did it.

        • Reply

          Some people over at my fansite The Snake Soup hacked Peace Walker and found trace fragments leftover from Portable Ops Plus. It was so heavily modified though that at first we thought we were finding stuff that was cut out. Surely it cut some time, but they also pretty much cleaned it up.

          And while some of the MGS4 team worked on Peace Walker, it wasn’t a large amount as most of them are working on Rising which is for PS3/360/PC. One of the reasons why Peace Walker was a PSP title is because Kojima wanted to make a low budget Metal Gear to avoid the pressure he got from Konami while working on Guns of the Patriots.

          That’s an entire game, filled with a ton of bonus content, completed in about a year with a low budget and smaller development team. I’d be surprised if Generations doesn’t have a significantly larger development team considering it’s an HD title; a development team that can crank out a decent classic Sonic engine (despite Dimp’s failure, it shouldn’t be that hard) and use the Unleashed/Colors engine, hopefully making tweaks to that.

        • Reply

          In fact, now that I think about it, they could have just taken the Sonic 4 engine as a reference and hammered it to death, similar to Portable Ops (horrible) and Peace Walker (worthy of a PS3 port).

        • Reply

          “This would probably include using a condensed version of a previous engine (or one of the other portable game’s engines)…”

          Please tell me how you missed that.

          “The only thing they could have taken from somewhere else here is Unleashed, which they obviously did…”

          That too, please.

        • Reply

          I didn’t miss it. I simply did not see the relevance when it came to the development time of what we saw of Generations in comparison to Peace Walker. Both are developed by huge development teams owned by big publishers. Both had plenty of game engines to mess around with. Peace Walker had a fairly small development team working with a smaller budget while Generations most likely has a pretty sizable one as it is an HD title. You could not think of a single game that was developed fairly quickly (one stage seemingly completed within 5-6 months) and I gave you Peace Walker (a game comparable to a PS2 title developed within a year). If you don’t accept that, well, that’s cool. How do I unsubscribe to replies here?

      • Reply

        Sonic Generations also uses an engine that has already been developed for previous Sonic games, significantly cutting down on development time.

    • Reply

      Just..don’t try to convince him.

  • Reply

    Great write up.  I am pretty worried about the modern segments from this game though.  They look just as awful as the Unleashed daytime stages were.  Have they learned nothing from Colors?  

  • Reply

    “What other video game community has the intelligence and talent to construct what they really want instead of simply complaining about it?”

    what about bomberlink and that sorr community. and look what happened…

  • Reply

    No idea as bad as the Werehog? Well, I’m glad you find Big the Cat less repulsive than I do, then.

    I have my doubts about SFR and the Mushroom Hill video having quite as much influence as you seem to imply–it doesn’t look nearly so slapdash as to have been so quickly thrown together–but I wouldn’t be surprised if the development process took a few unpredicted turns after the Sonic 4 backlash and all the surrounding hooplah.

    One thing: I think calling Sonic 4 Episode I an abomination is a bit overkill. It’s way too flawed for what it was billed as, but it’s still at least a decent game, which definitely puts it above the “abomination” marker.

  • Reply

    That trailer was simply amazing, and the game looks awesome. <3 I just hope classic Sonic doesn't talk at all, let Modern Sonic talk. :V (Though I thought I heard classic grunt at one point… I dunno maybe I was dreaming…) Well said Slingerland. ^_^ 

  • Reply

    Slinger, put simply, well written, well argued, and completely spot on.

    Hat’s off to you sir.

  • Reply

    Jaleel White, please return as Sonic’s voice. Thank you.

  • Reply

    I was more excited about the new revised Sonic Megamix than Sonic Generations. Even though Sonic Megamix is just a fan game, I beleive …no, I KNOW that it’s better than Sonic Generations. Why, because it has the 16 bit Sonic, and it’s basically a tuned-up version of Sonic 1. Personally, I think Sonic Megamix is far more fun than Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 combined. I think that Sega should follow Capcom’s footsteps. Look what Capcom did to the Mega Man series. They had the classic Mega Man in MM 1-6, the newer, crappy looking Mega Man in MM 7, and another boring looking Mega Man in MM 8. But they went back to straight-up 8 bit Mega Man in MM 9 and 10. And let me tell you, the fans loved absolutely loved Mega Man 9 and 10. That’s what Sega should do to the Sonic Series, particularly Sonic 4. They should go back to the 16 bit Sonic. Although Ep:1 has modern Sonic, it’s never too late to have 16 bit Sonic in Ep:2. They should “really” go back to the roots, just like Mega Man.

    • Reply

      Dude, we have HD now. If you want to stay stuck in the 16-bit era, that’s fine by me, but don’t compare a fan game to generations. I’m a fan of Megaman, and I did not absolutely love the look.It was another megaman game to me. Just as a fan remix is another sonic game, and generations will be no different.

      • Reply

        Sonic Megamix and MM 9 and 10 are completely differant. You were right when you said that Mega Man 9 and 10 were just like any Mega Man game, but that concept doesn’t fit Sonic Megamix. Mega Man 9 and 10 have the same ideas as the previous ones, but Sonic Megamix, on the other hand, is basically a better and funner version of a previously released Sonic game. It’s even more fun than Sonic 1 and 2. My point is, if Sega releases a new 16 bit Sonic game, it would be far more popular than modern ones, more popular than generations, at least. Or, imagine if Sonic Megamix was an official Sega released game, imagine how much praise it would have received. I bet that if Sega released a game as fun as Sonic Megamix, it would be hailed as the best Sonic game ever. Period.

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    […] about Snatcher for some reason and maybe it’s because for once SEGA is actually working on a Sonic game Sonic fans want but… I dunno, I feel like we may be facing a Snatcher renaissance. Or maybe […]

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    O’doyle rules

  • Reply

    Great looking game.


    To proffer some personal reactions:

    Sonic 4.1 is an ace little game. I noticed that there was a LARGE OUTCRY REGARDING IT’S LEVEL DESIGN – I say, simply:’eh?’

    I’m 31, therefore of course an ‘old-school’ player who spend far too many hours of his youth exploring the ‘classic’ games. From that experience base, comparatively, regarding level design, 4.1 was ahead of 1991, S&K, alongside 3, only just behind the pinnacle of all things spiky and blue that was Sonic 2. I’m open for a subjective a/or quantitative analysis of my statement if it’s required.

    Regardless of the complaints that I’ve read, 4.1’s physics are pretty damn hot in these hands at least! I have come to think of the bemoaners of said motion as being ‘NOT. VERY. GOOD. AT. THE. GAME.’

    Sprite differences? Green Eye’s? OMG. People have THAT little to do in there lives lol?! (on the other hand, Sonic 3/ S&K’s sprite almost made me toss the £120 one-game-split-into-two-cartridges in the bin. But, at 14y/o in 1994, I may excuse my immaturity, maybe lol) – but to know that grow adults are rattling on about trivial sprite differences?!

    Maybe trying to up those social skills and finding a lady-friend will increase appreciation for green eyes and long legs…

    • Reply

      I have an appreciation for nice tits and round asses. Do you like burlesque by any chance?

    • Reply

      Sprite differences? Green Eye’s? OMG. People have THAT little to do in there lives lol?!

      First of all, no one ever complained about stupid fluff like that. Secondly, you’re 31?! Jeez! And you tell US to get life?? That’s pathetic.

      • Reply

        Oh and that was at WITHOUTsupersonic

        • Reply

          You tell me. 31, yeah man, I’m uncool eh;-) I’m also not the argumentative type, over anything less than politics and philosophy – just an old man with fond teen memories of a certain blue hedgehog. As I mentioned, I was away from gaming for 15 years, until iOS made portable gaming practicable for the ‘mature market.’ Interestingly I think the whole sonic thing manifested into my freerunning lol! Happy to be sad. So is my girlfriend who is also glued to Sonic 4.1.

          The onus of the point: Sonic, generically, is a game than transcends gender, age, platform. We really should be more appreciative of that rather than endless whining.

        • Reply

          We really should be more appreciative of that rather than endless whining.

          What are you talking about? Sonic games, in case you didn’t notice, have been sucking since 1999. Until there is change, we’re gonna continue complaining.

  • Reply

    They prefer to complain about cosmetic preferences, like models and voice acting, and chastise those who want good gameplay.
    What on Earth ARE you talking about? Maybe I missed something, but we (no, I’m not speaking for EVERY Sonicfan like fanboys claim, I’m speaking for everyone who agrees with me) want good looking characters AND great gameplay. Bringing Classic Sonic back for Generations IS a giant plus, but now, we want good gameplay for his stages.

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