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Modern Sonic Gets Destroyed in SEGA’s Facebook Poll

You might look at the title of this article and say, “Yo, dawg, who gives a damn about a stupid Facebook poll?”  Well, three things: a) SEGA debuted a trailer on Facebook, b) with over 1 million fans on its page, the Sonic Facebook is the best place to gather opinions from both the hardcore and casual fans and c) …these results are insane.  As of 8 PM EST on this awesome Tuesday, the classic design is pounding Derpface roughly 4:1 (~8,000 to ~2,000).

You can vote on the poll, if you haven’t already, right here.  There are dozens of people on this poll asking for a “both” option, but that would mean that you wouldn’t have to make a choice.  Choices are hard.  Now, if you’re butthurt and want to help Modern Sonic make a comeback, all you need to do is round up your DeviantArt/ acting buddies and spam away.

Of course, all of this classic Sonic excitement is moot if the gameplay blows.

(Finally, I had an excuse to post this image.  Thanks, Cinossu.)

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