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Retro Shopping Network: HUGE LOT OF WOW!~

This auction started and ended over this past weekend and I was pretty tempted to actually bid on these just so that I could say, “I own a shit-ton of broken Genesis consoles.  What of it?”  Then, I’d make a giant suit out of them and show up at a party.  I didn’t have much forethought about what to do after that point, so I didn’t buy them and just bought a case of Bud instead.

Usually with these “Shopping Network” posts, items are featured because of their picture or stupid headline.  The latter is the case here.  Look at this seller, teeming with enthusiasm, over these broken, archaic devices.  “WOW!!!”

Given the price, would you splurge on a bunch of broken retro consoles?  What would you do with them?  (Past the jump, 36 broken Genesis 2 systems.)

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