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Casino Street Act 2 Beaten Only With Jump Button

Could this be Sonic 4 as we imagined it?  Probably not.  At least it’s funny.

LevelSelect (an all-star participant in the Sonic Retro Refund Program) showed up in our ever-cyclical S4E1 thread with something worth showing everybody.  He first pointed out that you could get through most levels by simply tapping the jump button over and over, abusing the stupid air dash mechanic and homing attacking everything in sight.  Somebody then asked LS if he had a video of it and, sure enough, he came back with a run through of Casino Street Act 2 using only the jump button.

Technically, he has to tap the left button a few times to turn himself around, but still, he’s beating an entire level without touching the D-pad 99.9% of the time.   He even gets past the “Dimps End of Level Bottomless Pit” that’s littered with cards with no pattern by simply pressing the jump button (although he died a few times).  It’s at this sequence where having no momentum, a shit-ton of speed boosters and an instant speed button is helpful (and that will be the only time I say that ever).  Remember when everybody was all like, “the homing attack doesn’t make the jump button an ‘instant-win button?'” Pffffft, hahaha…

I didn’t think I could shake my head harder at this game, but I clearly was wrong.  If you want to try and run through a Sonic 4 by using only the jump button, please send it in.  Hit us up that Twitter (sonicretro).