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New Year? New E02 Engine Build

He’s called Stealth for a reason.

Overnight on Twitter, Stealth released information on the 11.01.01 version of his spectacular E02 Engine, which made huge strides the past two years with a new interface, demos and a Wii build.  This update includes many bugfixes and “Repository” support, allowing users to connect to and download third-party games, both private and public.

The new year brings a new E02 update, v11.01.01. This update fixes a few bugs, as well as introducing the new Repositories feature. This feature allows E02 to use special files placed in the “repo” folder to connect to other game download locations for public and private lists of third-party games, and to serve games locally for transfer between platforms when you’re already running an http server. For more information, check out What’s New

Project Mettrix and the Sonic Game Template have also been simultaneously updated with a few bugfixes and minor enhancements. The common updates are listed here, although that doesn’t include two additional fixes to Project Mettrix- Fixing a glitch that re-enabled input while the selection menu was still moving, and correcting some missing solidity in Bronze Lake Zone. This sort of contradicts something I said in the last update, about the Sonic Game Template not seeing updates for a long time, but I was speaking more in terms of major updates at the time 😛

There has also been some slow progress on some other projects, but nothing presentable at the moment. Keep checking back; more info will turn up eventually

For the full list of bugfixes and additions, check these documents.  Visit Stealth’s forum, Organized Chaos, for more information.

Get the new version of the engine at the E02 Website.

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  • Reply

    But… What is E02..?

    • Reply

      A script-driven, multiplatform 2D game engine with builds for DOS, Windows, Linux, Intel/PPC MacOS, PSP (CFW), and Wii (Homebrew Channel).

    • Reply

      Exactly what I was going to ask. So… you could make a fan-game and play it on your Wii?

      • Reply

        Exactly. It has some nice features if you learn to use the editor 🙂 Probably one of the best 2D engines out there without having to use much programming language.

  • Reply

    “past two syears”

    Try again.

    anyway, I love this engine. Glad it got updated.

    • Reply

      Also, “inferface.” Fixed. Thanks for point that out, Jase.

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