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Monday Links: Dead As Winter Edition

Gatdamn, it is cold and nothing is still going on.

Sonic Retro News

  • Crystallize has finished his “SADX MIP” pack.  Go get it hurr.  [SADX Hacking Thread]
  • We should have our Sonic Colors Wii and DS reviews up this week.  Check back for those.

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Ring in the holiday season with Sonic Colors stationary and ornaments.  [SEGA Blogs]
  • SEGA will be jumping in late on the space marine craze with its new IP, Binary Domain.  I’m not excited at all.  [SEGA Blogs] [UK:R]

Other Stuff

  • To coincide with the Cash 4 Gold shirt, here’s an absolutely ludicrous letter to a troll from Cash 4 Gold.  This will not disappoint.  [imgur]
  • Dr. Seuss vs. Star Wars.  [The Mighty Adam]

Monday Video

Rooster Teeth and Mega64 teamed up last week and this video was their best by far.  What happens when the immature trash-talking from online gaming is lobbed at an actual soldier?

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    they’re jumping on that space marine crae INCREDIBLY late… didn’t that start back at Doom?

  • Reply

    (sigh) Another crappy unoriginal franchise from Sega… Space Marines in 2080? Instead of a good Nights game? or a Burning Rangers sequel? Or a revival of TJ & E? Or Panzer Dragoon? Or shining Force? Or a non online Phaniasy Star? Because PSO freaking sucks. How about a new Ristar instead?

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