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Monday Links: Alcoholic Chocolate Milk Edition

Now (wow, I’m an idiot) Tomorrow officially starts the 12 Days of Christmas.  Already?  Maaaaan, everything is moving so fast!

Sonic Retro News

  • Our Sonic Colors reviews went up last week.  Check them out if you haven’t already. [Wii] [DS]
  • In our stupid Late Night Poll from last week, 40% of voters said they didn’t know about the shoulder buttons in Sonic R. While technically a minority, I thought it’d be more like 20%.  I imagine a lot of you played Sonic R last week. [Late Night Poll]
  • Have you played MarkeyJester’s “Jester’s Challenge” hack?  If not, you’re missing out.  [Jester’s Challenge]
  • If you don’t like working in Hex editors, Selbi feels your pain.  Check out his program that converts Hex to ASM arrays.  [HEX2ASM]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Not a damn thing happened last week.
  • Sonic Colors for the Wii has settled in the high 70s on Metacritic and the DS version stands tall at 81.  [Wii] [DS]

Other Stuff

  • Have you ever been to a store, grabbed something, started walking around and later decided that you didn’t need that thing anymore?  Well, here’s a blog dedicated to finding food in the wrong spot.  Sushi in the Cheesecake section is the best. [Someone Else Will Put It Back]
  • 2010 is almost over.  Here are some awesome pictures of it. [Top Pictures of 2010]
  • Here’s the headlining link: 40-proof Chocolate Milk.  Yes.  [Adult Chocolate Milk]

Monday Video

Blah Blah Blah

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    Wow, you guys celebrate Christmas on the 24th? Or did you mess up on the math? Christmas is the 12th day.

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      Whoops, I suck today. Thanks for the correction.

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    I hate that the DS version of Sonic Colors has a higher critical reception average than the Wii version, the better version. But that may just be because the DS version has a lesser amout of reviews reviews.

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    The twelve days of Christmas starts on Christmas day, ending on the fifth of January

    just fyi

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