Charge Station Zone

Did you get money from your grandparents in those no-B.S. money cards this past weekend?  Well, if you’ve got about $50 worth, you can get yourself a Sonic figurine that doubles as a charge station for two of your Wii remotes.  This functional collectible by MadCatz is available for online order and should be hitting store shelves soon, falling right in line with MadCatz’s line of Sonic accessories set to come out for Sonic’s 20th anniversary.

Supplies are limited, so if you want it now, you better get it now.

[via Coolest Gadgets]

Also, no Monday Links today or next Monday.  Thanks to Christmas and New Years, there isn’t enough going on in the forums or at SEGA to warrant them.

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    That looks like something you`d get off of ThinkGeek…

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    I just got a Wii, so I use AA batteries, but where can one get rechargeable battery packs? I guess I don’t look hard enough in the game aisles of Best Buy but are they sold like 360 controller batteries?

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      They’re pretty much everywhere. You can get em at Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart. Anywhere that has an electronics section.

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    I intend on buying this

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    Oh my God, it has GREEN EYES!!!! AAAAAAARGH!!!!!

    …On a more serious note, that’s kinda awesome. 🙂

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    Gotta say, that Sonic figure is pretty spot on. I’m impressed because there are other Sonic figures out there that kinda…bleh…

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    That’s actually a pretty slick looking figure.

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    I’ve already got my fanc wii-related stuff as a pressent.
    namely, a Sonic Screwdriver (yep, I’m a Doctor Who fan, as if the name didn’t give that away) wiimote.

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