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2010 Sonic the Hedgehog Hacking Contest Results!

The 8th iteration of Sonic Retro’s hacking contest is now over and the winners have been named.  This whole write-up is courtesy of SOTI.  See who won and download those winners with these links.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Hidden Palace Trophy – 1st Place

Sonic 2 Retro Remix by Thorn & DNXDelta

Many people were disappointed when this hack didn’t grab this trophy last year, those people will be happy now that S2RR has bagged it! Sonic 2 Retro Remix is a hack that stands out than the rest, it has exceeded in many fields that it has changed, offering a fun and exciting modification of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to play. Level layouts, art, music, programming, a lot has been changed! You must play it, you will not be disappointed!

Wood Trophy – 2nd Place

Sonic the Hedgehog @ SAGE 2010 Edition by Cinossu

Whilst the hack is intact of things such as layout, art and music, everything around it is completely different! The interactive achievements system is a sure-fire hit, the ability to submit your scores to Retro Channel is an innovative feature! The Boss Attack mode is a fun feature which hasn’t been done solely as Sonic 1 and without rings either! Attempting to cheat will just involve “getting blue balls”. As well as that, the introduction of SonMP3 allows you to control the music of the game. Join the many that have played this hack!

Dust Hill Trophy – 3rd Place

Sonic Adventure RDX by Dude

Sonic Adventure DX hacks have been very basic and limited, until recently where many things have been looked at and modified. This hack has taken the existing information available and combined with these new implementations, created a great hack with many edits, more than your average SADX hack. This hack is worth following, as it’s about to get even better.

Genocide City Trophy – Most Difficult Hack

Sonic 1 Lunacy by Destructiox

This hack is a BITCH. The levels are harder by every mode, by that point you’d be wishing that you had Debug Mode available. If you try to use a move in a certain mode, you will die instantly! Whilst the hack is not public, please anticipate the release, you’ll love to hate this hack!

Honorable Mention: Sonic ERaZor by Selbi

Hang Castle Trophy – Most Disturbing Hack

Sonic ERaZor by Selbi

Sonic ERaZor is a pretty fucked up hack. This is not your average hack, this is intended to be a skullfuck. Pretty bizarre really, Selbi must have been smoking something to make this.

Honorable Mention: Sonic 1 Lunacy by Destructiox

Lava Reef Trophy – Longest Level

Sonic ERaZor by Selbi – Ruined Place

Ruined Place is a nightmare and nearing the end, there’s this area of spikes which should you touch them, you will die instantly, even with the “Super” mode on. There is an option to skip this level altogether, but you should try it out.

Green Hill Trophy – Hack Which Plays Most Like a Sonic Game

Sonic 2 Retro Remix by Thorn & DNXDelta

This hack is like if it wasn’t a modification of an existing game, but its own game itself. The layouts are great and the gameplay is very similar to a Sonic game. Well, that’s why it won it! Not all levels are “press right to win”, sometimes you need to explore, especially to bag those Emeralds.

Labyrinth Trophy – Most Confusing Level

Sonic ERaZor by Selbi – Ruined Place

You really don’t know where you’re coming or going with this hack. Falling in bottomless pits can sometimes end up teleporting you back to another place. Plus, the only way that you can tackle the spiked area is with the usage of savestates and patience.

1337!! Trophy – Worst Sonic Hack

Sonic Rape 2.0 by Selbi

Although created by a different person unlike the last Sonic Rape, this is very horrible, confusing, irritating and eye burning! If you can complete this hack, you win a gold star.

1000101 Trophy – Most Technical Hack

Sonic the Hedgehog @ SAGE 2010 Edition by Cinossu

The Retro Channel is very innovative and coupled with the achievements system, offers another take of the first Sonic game with challenges to face. Then, show off your e-penis at your scores!

Windy Valley Trophy – Best Art Hack

Sonic 2 Cactus Juice & Mustard by TheBarAdmin

It might not be as shiny as other hacks, but it’s very unique! It offers levels that you have seen in previous games, redrawn in its own innovative way. Worth playing whenever it’s released.

Toxic Caves Trophy – Best Reused Art

Sonic 2 Retro Remix by Thorn & DNXDelta

Using a mix of new, old and ported, Sonic 2 Retro Remix has provided levels that are worth playing. Reused art isn’t a negative thing, it helps build up your artwork. Who wants a plain blank background anyway? =P

Honorable Mentions: Blue Ball & Blocks by qiuu, Sonic Adventure RDX by Dude

Vector Trophy – Most Humorous Hack

Sonic 2 XL by Captain Bozo & Ranger

This hack gained huge publicity by many websites. This time, the rings will fatten you up and once you’ve eat so many, you’ll have a heart attack! This is a great hack, worth playing for the fun of it.

Honorable Mention: Motobug in Sonic 1 by Polygon Jim

Iizuka Trophy – Hack Much Like Sonic 4

Sonic 2 Dimps Edition by SOTI

The entire hack is a parody of the sequel many became disappointed at. Speed boosters, homing attack and physics modified so you can run on ceilings, if you want to play Sonic 4 on the Mega Drive, this is the hack to play until someone does better. Truly a hack as you imagined it.

WTF?! Trophy – Most Unique Hack

Sonic the Hedgehog @ SAGE 2010 Edition by Cinossu

The introduction of the Retro Channel achievement system has helped this hack win this trophy. Playing those plain vanilla Sonic 1 levels actually have a use now.

Christmas Present Trophy – The Hack That No One Saw Coming

Sonic the Hedgehog @ SAGE 2010 Edition by Cinossu

I have stressed this hack so much. There are people capable of making hacks like these, Cinossu is one of them. Hacks like these are what inspire people to work on their own stuff, whilst most people won’t reach similar levels.

Honorable Mention: Yoshi in Sonic 2 by Xenowhirl

Piano Trophy – Best Music in a Hack

Sonic 2 Cactus Juice and Mustard by TheBarAdmin

Out of the few hacks with music modifications, this stood out. Various imports have been made, from game show tracks to recreations of music from Sonic Adventure and upwards. TheBarAdmin may not be like those who showcase their work in the Genesis Music Thread, but he’s a great music guy.

The Super Duper Amazing Level Trophy – Best Level Layouts in a Hack

Sonic 2 Retro Remix by Thorn & DNXDelta

As said before, the press right to win structure is out of the window in some aspects. Collecting emeralds help the levels and your progress. There needs to be a good challenger next year.

Knuckles Trophy – Best New Character

Yoshi in Sonic 2 by Xenowhirl

This is a rather unique character hack. Not like your usual standalone character with moves, you can now play as Yoshi and utilise his moves in a Sonic game! You’ll enjoy this one once it’s released.

Honorable Mentions: Amy in Sonic 1 by E-122-Psi, Motobug in Sonic 1 by Polygon Jim

Silver Trophy – Worst New Character

Press B for Shittles by Dandaman955

Okay, WHAT THE FUCK is this piece of shit?! This character is so uncontrollable and the game is just bad that it won another trophy later…

Fang Trophy – Best New Enemy

Sonic Adventure RDX by Dude – Motobug

Everybody likes Motobugs! In this hack, the first ever badnik to appear on our screens has made a reappearance in SADX. Worth looking at.

Metropolis Trophy – Best Boss

Blue Ball and Blocks by qiuu – Space Zone Boss

This boss is interesting. You are confined in a room where Robotnik will be swooping down with his drills to rise blocks up to the ceiling. It gets tough and the only rings you can get is once the bar is fully green and then you must hit a switch for it to drop down. Rather challenging. I talked to qiuu on Skype earlier and once he’s not busy, he will make a public release.

Mushroom Hill Trophy – Best Miniboss

Sonic ERaZor by Selbi – Crabmeat

An overpowered enemy crab shooting shit at you, we rarely get minibosses in hacks. You’ll be glad to know that unlike other hacks which have giant versions of badniks, this is a normal sized Crabmeat.

Spindash Trophy – Best New Abilities

Yoshi in Sonic 2 by Xenowhirl

If you know Yoshi’s moveset, it’ll most likely be in this game. This’ll be great once it’s public.

Eureka! Trophy – Most Innovative Game Play Feature

Sonic the Hedgehog @ SAGE 2010 Edition by Cinossu

Online achievements in a Sonic hack? You have got to be kidding me! This is what makes levels replayable, because there are things to achieve.

Honorable Mention: Sonic – The One Ring by Mercury

Crystal Meth Trophy – Most Replayability in a Hack

Sonic 2 Retro Remix by Thorn & DNXDelta

This hack has got so much you can do. In order to proceed to new Zones, you must collect a certain amount of level emeralds, which you can find in various places in the Acts. The splash screen at the start of each level will let you know of your progress.

Casinopolis Trophy – Most Entertaining/Fun Hack

Sonic 2 XL by Captain Bozo & Ranger

This hack made me laugh hard most of the time. They say that Sonic Eats Rings, but this just takes the pan.

Rusty Ruin Trophy – Best 3D Hack

Sonic Adventure RDX by Dude

This is the best Sonic Adventure DX since sliced bread. It may be incomplete right now, but it’s worth the time. This is bound to be something great.

Mini Trophy – Best Handheld Hack

Sonic 2 LD by Doc Eggfan

Whilst there is a Sonic 2 HD project which will require at least a Quad-Core processor at 3.0GHz, 8GB of RAM and 2 1GB graphics cards, this one only needs a Master System and is an implementation of the MD version of Sonic 2, 8-bit style. Great gameplay, the later stages of the hack were funny. Looking forward to further progress.

The Bar Admin Trophy – Best Improved Hack from Last Year

Sonic 2 Retro Remix by Thorn & DNXDelta

I see why people were disappointed when this didn’t hit the jackpot last year, but this year’s entry has vastly improved and deserves what it gets this year.

Robotnik’s Revenge Trophy

Sonic 1 & 2 by ColinC10

This one was really difficult for some reason but at the end I gave it to the same guy who has won this trophy for three years now. Every year, ColinC10 comes out of hibernation to provide a hack which blows many out of proportion in its own way. Many people have asked for Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 to be combined into one hack, and this wish has successfully been granted. What’s next for ColinC10? Find out next year if he submits a new piece of work.

Chaos Trophy – Best Super Form in a Hack

Super Sonic in Sonic 3D Blast by Sik, Super SADX by Endri

We have two winners, just because. Both of these games didn’t get our expected Super Saiyan Hedgehog and these people have finally made this possible. Apparently Super Sonic in SADX sadly got the chopping block which lead to the boring “Super Sonic Only at the Final Boss” phase that many gaves have recieved. It’s always great to stand out. Well done.

Maze Trophy – Best Sonic 1 Special Stage Edit

Sonic ERaZor by Selbi

Selbi brings to us another clusterfuck which is a bizarre and twisted special stage edit. You NEED save states just to complete a level, otherwise you’re God. New visual effects and other additions have been implemented. Try it, if you dare!

Chute Trophy – Best Sonic 2 Special Stage Edit

Sonic 2 Retro Remix by Thorn & DNXDelta

Thorn has painstakingly made edits of those irritating tube stages from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. These are rare and there isn’t a friendly level editor yet! S2RR has raised the expectations for next year.

Emerald Trophy – Best Custom Special Stage

Yoshi in Sonic 2 by Xenowhirl

I did not expect a stage like this. We’ve had custom stages before, but this is pretty cool. Basically, Sonic Advance 3’s stages have been recreated from Sonic 2’s, which is certainly interesting considering the work needed. It makes me want to import that music so bad.

Rick Roll Trophy – Hack with Stolen Content

Sonic 1 – Project 255 by Selbi

This hack was deliberately submitted just for this trophy. It did piss off Tweaker, considering that this hack ripped off elements from Sonic Megamix, Sonic Harder Levels and a bunch of other stuff. Thankfully, Selbi has created better works after this pathetic mess.
As per usual, here is your prize.

OH GOD WHY Trophy – Why was this even submitted?

Press B for Shittles by Dandaman955

This submission had to be a fucking horrible joke. Here, have some ear rape. That’s what you deserve.

THE GAME – You just lost it.

Sonic 1 Lunacy by Destructiox

Shadow Fire actually gave this trophy a hack. Congratulations!

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    Can’t wait till next year… maybe ill submit some piece of trash and I can get the coveted “THE GAME – You just lost it.” Trophy!

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    Congratulations to everyone on their weird, wild, and wonderful Sonic the Hedgehog hacks!

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    I’ve just discovered Sonic the Hedgehog @ SAGE 2010 and it’s amazing. The only problem is that I’m running Gens/GS under Linux, any chance of getting some SonMP3 and gens plugin love for us non-Windows users?

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    I can’t see the video reward posted for Sonic 1 – Project 255 (Sony Entertainment system copyright… fuck you youtube) and apparentelly I need to log in to get more info on the hack.

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    Glad to see you all getting the recognition you deserve.

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    […] even stranger to learn it was created back in 2010. Having been submitted to, and somehow losing, Sonic Retro’s 2010 hacking contest, it seems this mod had never been released to the public. It only recently began circulating […]

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    […] even stranger to learn it was created back in 2010. Having been submitted to, and somehow losing, Sonic Retro’s 2010 hacking contest, it seems this mod had never been released to the public. It only recently began circulating […]

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