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Monday Links: Wha’Chu Know About Dat? Edition

For real. I’m as fast as lightning, bro.  You talkin’ like you know?  You don’t.

Sonic Retro News

Sonic/SEGA News

  • SEGA of America opened its doors to the public this past Friday.  Here are 3 reports on the event.  [Slingerland] [Moonshadow Caz] [Sammybeany]
  • Sonic Colours arrived in Europe last week.  Here’s the trailer.  [SEGA Europe Blog]
  • Destructoid’s resident loudmouth, Jim Sterling, got his Sonic Colors review copies from SEGA with an added bonus: a picture of him as a troll.  He lived up to it.  Apparently, “Sonic 4 is an improvement” and “Dimps is the A-team.”  You can’t make this shit up.  [Destructoid]
  • Checking in with Metacritic, the Wii version of Sonic Colors is on the verge of entering “average” territory at 78.  The DS version is faring better at 81.  [Wii] [DS]

Other Stuff

  • 99% of webcomics aren’t funny.  Hipster Hitler is in that 1%.  You’ve probably never heard of it.  [Hipster Hitler]
  • Do you want to buy a whole bunch of awful CDs?  Boy, do I have the listing for you!  [Craigslist]
  • Ever dreamed of rocking for a living?  The Oatmeal knows what’s up.  [The Oatmeal]

Monday Video

The Sonic community is full of negativity and new conspiracies every day. They all sound like this woman.

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  • Reply

    Apparently some people just can’t let go of the “Modern 3D sonic bad” stigma, even though much of Sonic Colours is so much better than that.

    Also Jim Sterling is a nut with no appreciation for colour’s fantastic aesthetic designs, he didn’t bring them up once.

  • Reply

    Jim Sterling isn’t all that bad, I actually quite like him. People just think he’s trolling when he gives a game a low score. His opinion is as valid as anyone else’s, whether you agree with it or not.

    • Reply

      Don’t get me wrong, he’s entitled to his opinion. I like reading him, too. It’s just that in this instance, I turned him off when he said “Sonic 4 was an improvement.” It’s far from an improvement over anything.

  • Reply

    “Sonic 4 had its problems, but at least it was an improvement.”


  • Reply

    Colors: 78? As RupeeClock said, people forgot what GOOD 3D Sonic games are (secret rings, Adventure, 2, Sonic Unleashed Wii) Plus, IGN gave it an 8.5, both versions.

    • Reply

      None of those games that you listed are good.

    • Reply

      Power to the people, Nickster99 and RupeeClock. I think that if you pretend Big and Amy aren’t present, Sonic Adventure 1 counts too.

  • Reply

    I can’t wait until more bad reviews come up and give Colors Wii a worse metacritic score than S4 Wii has

  • Reply

    Sonic Colors is getting a bad review? ugh You got to be kidding me… Seriously im surprised no one said that Sonic has become too big to fail for Sega. Lets face it EVERYTHING else Sega made post Dreamcast has sucked, didn’t sell or BOTH. Sonic sales are LITERALLY the only reason why Sega has not collapsed financially.
    Shame on you Sega… SHAME!!!!!!

  • Reply

    WTF! C’mon, Sonic Colors is a great game and it got a whole lot of bad reviews.
    Sonic 4 was a great game and got a lot of bad reviews!
    People need to stop thinkin oh, it’s a sonic game and it has some small problems, let’s make them bigger so we can give the game a bad review!
    IGN gave sonic 4 and sonic colors an 8(.5) and they are like the most critic game reviewers around! So, there should be something wrong with a lot of other game reviewers!

    • Reply

      I blame the taint of Sonic 2006. I got Colors yeaterday and im proud to say its the best 3D Sonic since the Adventure series.

  • Reply

    Well I sure hope their are 200 webcomics at least on the internet.

    Because Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is the best webcomic ever made.

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