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Monday Links: PolygonJim Destroys All Edition

Yesterday, Scratch & Grounder were supposed to give you the winner of the Sonic Retro Refund Program.  Yesterday, Sonic Retro was down for most of the day.  So, eff.  Super eff.

Sonic Retro News

  • With an absolutely dominant 41% of the championship bracket votes, PolygonJim won the Sonic Retro Refund Program.  [Championship Bracket]
  • Some people messaged me and accused PolygonJim of hacking Sonic in front of the foreground for his winning entry.  Thas bullshit he did not hack it he did NAHT.  [YouTube]
  • Sonic 2 is great with two characters… but what about three characters?  Retro member flamewing brings the Sonic Heroes formula to the second dimension.  [Sonic 2 Heroes]
  • Cinossu’s Sonic 4 Jazz Scat Album is Internet Famous.  [Kotaku]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Sonic Free Riders is out.  [SEGA Blogs]
  • The initial reviews for Sonic Free Riders are in.  It’s not looking good for this game either.  Will this game be de-listed too?  Great quality control, SEGA.  [Metacritic]
  • The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, after playing Sonic 4, had a funeral for the li’l blue dude with the ‘tude.  [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • Sonic 4 will not be coming to Android phones.  That’s one more good thing that “Droid does.”  [Ripten]

Other Stuff

Monday Video

This song is the new official song of Retro.  Scarred Sun has been dancin’ to it all weekend.  Lemme smang dat, girl.

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    That’s odd b/c I live in Pittsburgh and I’d swear they almost pulled that obit out of my head. No SSSS squad? Awww.

  • Reply

    Congrats to polygonjim. And Free riders sucked? In the immortal words of Freiza There’s a big surpise!

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