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Monday Links: Cry Some More Edition

Sonic Retro News

  • I hope you all had a Happy Halloween.  Feel free to post your costumes in the comments below.
  • If you didn’t know already, there’s a Mac version of the Sonic Fan Remix demo.  [SFR Mac Demo]
  • The Evil Alliance of Sonic Fansites brings you the first look at the new Sonic voice actors in Sonic Colo(u)rs. [Sonic and Tails Speak!]
  • We’ve got one more bracket in to go in the Retro Refund Program.  Head to the post below to vote.  Finals are on Thursday!  [Brackets 4 & 5]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Early reviews Sonic Colo(u)rs are coming in and they are even more glowing the initial Sonic 4 reviews.  The difference here is that they will probably stay that high after release.  [SEGA Forums]
  • SEGA is holding a community event in San Francisco on November 12th.  There will be some fun PSP tournaments, but the main attraction is the feedback session on Sonic 4: Episode 1I will be attending on behalf of Sonic Stadium.  Please check them out for my report.  [SOA Blog]
  • IGN got the first Sonic Free Riders review.  7.5/10.  [IGN]
  • Sega Sammy propelled into the black during this last financial quarter.  Great news for the House of Sonic.  [GameSpot]

Other Stuff

  • Do you need a place to brag?  Never Ashamed has got you covered.  [Never Ashamed]
  • Six ridiculous Halloween laws.  Included are permits for wearing masks and trick-or-treating getting bumped to the 30th [Smosh]
  • Here’s an entire blog that’s devoted to ruining other people’s stuff.  []

Monday Video

Only a few more days until Conan O’Brien debuts on TBS.  Let’s relive a classic Late Night moment with crooner Artie Kendall.

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