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Monday Links: Adult Diapers For Reviews Editors Edition

“I’m going to go complain on my Twitter now.  WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…”

Sonic Retro News

  • Sonic 2 LD released a demo.  Boot up your SEGA Master System Emulator and try it out!  [Sonic 2 LD Demo]
  • Get your Sonic 1, 2 & 3 metatiles, courtesy of Mercury.  They are 7zips, so get 7zip.  [Sonic Metatiles]
  • Are you participating in the 25-ring challenge?  The contest ends tonight at midnight.  [Sonic 2sday Contest]
  • Jim Sterling continues his silly tirade against Sonic Retro by calling us “pathological haters” for responding to Iizuka’s latest quote regarding the physics of Sonic 4.  According to Jim, the physics of Sonic 4 are fine, but he’ll throw a temper-tantrum about them in his Colors review. We’re not allowed to give our honest opinion, but he can do it all day, every day.  All of our posts are hateful and venomous, but his are just peachy.  All this coming from a guy who hates on everybody, screams at a camera in aviator sunglasses and calls people “furry virgins” instead of actually responding to their claims.  He realizes that SEGA is calling him a troll, too, right?  The company that actually makes the games?  Look, dude, we like Colors, but nobody here cares that you gave it a bad review.  That’s your opinion.  We just like to point out that you’re a hypocrite the size of a semi-truck.  [Destructoid]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Another iPhone sale is going on.  Sonic 4: Episode 1 is marked down to $4.99.  [SEGA Blogs]
  • The Sonic 4 leaderboards were wiped.  Hackers rose right back to the top about 10 minutes afterwards.  Hackers gonna hack.  [Sonic 4 Boards Wiped]
  • Iizuka says more dumb things.  Probably the dumbest thing of them all.  [Iizuka Says The Darndest Things]
  • Today is Cyber Monday and Sonic Free Riders is on sale at $39.99.  [Amazon]

Other Stuff

Monday Video(s)

Legendary comedic actor Leslie Nielsen and Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner have passed away.

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  • Reply

    “Hackers gonna hack.” Real talk?
    Too bad I don’t have a Twitter to complain on.

  • Reply

    I love how Jim Sterling goes on to say that the “terrifying Sonic fanbase will take up their pitchforks over his unsatisfactory comments”.  lol

    Come on the sonic fan community isn’t that bad. We just don’t like BS.

  • Reply

    To be fair, most of the people on the site really are furry virgins. Doesn’t make him right, or less whiny tho.

    • Reply

      I know I’m making a blanket statement here, but “furry virgins” strikes me as an oxymoron.

      • Reply

        Good, so I’m not the only one.

        Also wtf kind of insult is that?

      • Reply

        How is “furry virgins” and oxymoron?

        All furries are basement dwelling virgins; they are also bad.

        • Reply

          Technically, they’re virgins in real life, but their virginity was lost on the internet almost immediately

        • Reply

          …not like that means anything though 😛

        • Reply

          I’d say that’s a sweeping generalization on people who happen to like wearing animal costumes or have a quirky fetish, wouldn’t you?

          Don’t be a prick. Vote no on Jim Sterling.

  • Reply

    Fuck Jim.

    R.I.P Leslie Nielson.

    • Reply

      Jim Sterling is not important right now

  • Reply

    Rip Leslie Nielsen.

    I would not know comedy without him.

  • Reply

    Rest in peace, Shirley.

  • Leave a Reply