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VOTE: Sonic Retro Refund Program, Bracket #3

Did you guys know that the staff at SEGA, Retro, Stadium and Wrecks are all friends not because we’re all reasonable, cool people, but because we’re conspiring against an asshole out of spite with supposed “influence?”  That’s news to me.  Cool story, bro. I’m sure we’ll be having a laugh at that when we’re sitting in Internet Jail for something nobody here did.

It’s Day 3 of the Sonic Retro Refund Program Tournament of Champions Deathmatch Extravaganza Sponsored By Domino’s Pizza and Shake Weight.  You know what to do.  10 pictures, 2 days to vote.

Bracket #1 is now closed.  Blue Blood dominated.  Level_Select is currently dominating the second bracket, but there’s still another day left to vote.

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  • Reply

    lol that graph is rape

  • Reply

    Alot of these are similar, but zero-boom’s is the funniest!

    I hear the Internet Jail has good food. And they have these comfy beds too. Also angels serenade you to sleep every night. It’s a magical place…

    • Reply

      Is that Streak thunder storm?

  • Reply

    I voted for KlayMan cuz he’s my legit bro, but Sir Euan’s is pretty beastly to be awenest.

    Whoops, alcohol?

  • Reply

    That gif seriously rock. Im laughed off with the “Axis of Evil” xD.
    I voted for Sonicjosh. 

  • Reply

    All these screen-shots are starting to get awfully similar now. The funny is wearing off.

    Funny graph though.xD

    • Reply

      I think the problem is that many of the physics problems present themselves IN MOTION. There’s simply not as many options for a still shot.

  • Reply

    I hope Ravi is taking notes on what horrible physics should not be included into Fight of the Metal Gears… or maybe they should…

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