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Monday Links: Wonky Edition

Another Monday, another day of watching people fight over a videogame.  Good times.  Let’s do this.

Sonic Retro News

  • You have a week and a half to win $15 in our “Sonic Retro Refund Program” contest.  Play Sonic 4 and take a picture when you get stuck in weird places.  It’s like shooting fish in a barrel with dynamite.  [Sonic Retro Refund Program]
  • Sonic Fan Remix is supposedly releasing this week.  Select Retro members are beta testing it to make the demo the best it possibly can be.  [Sonic Fan Remix Thread]
  • Don’t be a d-bag.  [B-B-B-BANNED]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Checking in with the almighty Metacritic: Sonic 4 started off strong (“it’s not as terrible as previous games, so 95%!!!!!”), but has since been brought back to Earth by people who reviewed the game for what it is: average.   They also like to use the word “wonky.”  [Metacritic: S4 X360] [Metacritic: S4 PS3]
  • Speaking average, you know what’s not?  Sonic Colors.  Dreadknux played the game and uploaded full playthroughs of four levels in the game.  This game is looking so incredible.  [The Sonic Stadium]
  • Our friend inside SEGA Europe, AAUKevin, gave us some sweet, exclusive wallpaper last week.  Now, his site, Sonic Wrecks, has some more.  Go get it!  [Sonic Wrecks]
  • This kid can play Splash Hill on the piano.  Really well.  I love the touch at the end.  [Sonic City Blognik]

Other Stuff

Monday Video

Here’s to all you Australian Retro members out there in Retroland.  It’s RAE-tothemotherfuckin-D!  I told you I’d publish this some day, Taxman.

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    (“it’s not as terrible as previous games, so 95%!!!!!”)

    The saddest part about that is that I’ve literally seen that as the justification in reviews and fan comments alike. Sigh.

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