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Monday Links: 1 Week To Go Edition

Sonic 4 hits consoles a week from today and the iPhone later this week.  Since our Sonic 4 thread is closed, it’s literally a calm before a storm.  Aaaaaahhh…

Here is your recap of last week:

Sonic Retro News

  • “Second only to SEGA” comes at a price, I guess.  We’re still dealing with server load issues.  Stay tuned.
  • With all of the downtime yesterday, Scratch and Grounder couldn’t get into WordPress to share their sage wisdom.  They will be back next week.  Have a stupid video.  [YouTube]
  • If you post in the thread for Sonic Fan Remix, can you please keep discussion about Sonic Fan Remix? Thanks.  [Sonic Fan Remix Official Thread]
  • Speaking of Sonic Fan Remix, it’s getting a lot of attention on general gaming blogs.  We were on Fark yesterday!  [Destructoid] [The Escapist]
  • Fangame Sonic Zero: Remastered has a new demo.  Play it and give some C&C to Mr. Kaosu [Sonic Zero: Remastered Thread]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • First 4 Figures is releasing a set of 6, 2-inch Classic Sonic figurines.  [The Sonic Stadium]
  • Metropolis Mad Gear Zone was showcased in what’s looking like the final Sonic 4 trailer before launch.  [GameSpot]

Other Stuff

  • 9 Video Game Easter Eggs That Took Years to Find [Cracked]
  • Buzzfeed ranks their top 9 Old School Disney Channel theme songs.  Darkwing Duck owns.  [Buzzfeed]
  • The top 20 things made from defunct electronics.  [Unreality]

Monday Video

Help “Rowdy” Roddy Piper fight childhood obesity.

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    The Tails figure looks pretty bad, like burger king bad.
    but the rest of them look pretty cool

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    “‘Second only to SEGA’ comes at a price, I guess. We’re still dealing with server load issues. Stay tuned.” Definitely.

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