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Retro Tuesday: Depths of South Island

It’s time for Retro Tuesday again, duuuuUUUUuuuudes.  For rizzle. This week’s featured artist is an old standby when it comes to classic Sonic art (or pics of dinosaurs), gsilverfish.  Here’s a super cool concept that spins a new perspective on the original Sonic the Hedgehog. What if three of the levels went deeper and deeper into South Island?

Awesome.  See you next time for Retro Tuesday.

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    I alyways thought that’s how the DO work. Awesome piece, nometheless

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    That’s really Sonic 1 as I imagine it. No joke, when I imagine the practical layout of the zones, its always something like this. Fucking awesome.

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    Where is Spring Yard? Got eaten by the sandwich?

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    …except, in the original island’s layout, Labyrinth Zone is in the hights of South Island’s mountains, inside the rocks, above the forest, and not underground. In fact, even Underground Zone does not go all the way underground, and it is in the top of a mountain, too. Go figure.

    Marble Zone is correct, though.

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    Fuckin awesome man.

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