Retro Shopping Network: Sonic Snuggie

ON SALE TODAY on eBay, you can this tubular Sonic Snuggie.  The “Sonic The Hedgehog Throw Blanket With Sleeves Robe” will only be on sale for 2 more days, so act fast!  There are 4 available as of this posting!

Check out these dope features:

  • Pockets for easy access to a DS with Sonic Charonicles: The Dark Bruthahood, the best game ever!
  • Stay cozy while you browse DeviantArt and!
  • “This blanket was made for the classic fans, but we added modern elements, like sleeves, to not confuse new fans.  We think that this feature adds accessibility to the classic concept of blankets.” -Takashi Iizuka
  • Hood for hiding your face in shame while you play Sonic & the Black Knight!
  • Makes a great, economical fursuit, especially for those hit hard by the recession!
  • “Officially Licensed Product.”  Believe it!
  • VHS artifacts with every purchase!

Buy buy buy!  Now now now!

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    This is truly, a blanket as you imagined it.

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    What I like about sonic fans is thair ability to realise thair bad reputation and humor it. Makes me proud to be a sonic fan 😉

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    WTF Blanket: Sonic Edition

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    Why the hell did they add sleeves?! I wasn’t notified! I prefer the old version; you don’t need sleeves to have a blanket, after all. In fact, I daresay that adding sleeves doesn’t make it a blanket anymore!

    And just watch: pretty soon, they’ll have a black one with red stripes, or–horror of horrors!–a white one with big tits and bat wings! WHY?! WHY??!!

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