Retro Shopping Network: Sonic 4 Backpack

ON SALE TODAY on eBay, you can get this sweet backpack.  The “SONIC the HEDGEHOG 4 design BACKPACK STYLE Book Bag” will only be on sale for one more day, so act fast!  There are 8 available as of this posting!

Check out its rad features:

  • Sweet art: 100% not stolen from the Sonic 4 Japanese website.
  • 100% redundancy: “Backpack-style book-bag.”
  • Only $17.05, marked down from $18.95!
  • Perfect for every occasion!  Especially getting beat up at school!
  • Made with authentic pirated Photoshop!
  • “This backpack is better than all backpacks that came before it!” -Takashi Iizuka
  • Quality Guarantee: We put as much effort into this bag as SEGA put into Sonic 4’s physics engine.  If that’s not a commitment to quality, I don’t know what is.
  • “This is truly the Sonic 4 backpack as you imagined it!” -Ken Balough

Buy buy buy!  Now now now!

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    They only give you a part of the backpack. The rest comes later as “episodes.”

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    $17.05? Give me a white paper, a printer and a glue stick, and I can have one of these for less than $5! Not that I would want to have one of these anyways. I don’t want to be beaten up at the subway on my way to the work.

    Also, I don’t want to support Sonic 4 by any means.

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