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Monday Links: You’re Too Slow Edition

All right, Retro-ites(?), these are the Monday Links, where we recap the past week of Sonic Retro and SEGA happenings.  It was a pretty busy week, so head on down and start clickin’ to get over your case of “The Mondays.”

Sonic Retro News

SEGA/Sonic News

  • Ken Balough is now on the SEGA boards.  Ask him a question so that he can dodge it.  [SEGA Forums]
  • When he wasn’t talking about moving his TV or shooting tequila, Balough, in typical SEGA PR fashion, announced an announcement.  Sonic 4‘s release date and price will be revealed this week.  [The Sonic Stadium]
  • Then, he said that only the story for Episode II is set in stone.  Will our fan feedback be a factor?  [Cubed3]
  • As we linked before in our Balough article, Joystiq got the exclusive preview of Casino Night Streets Zone.  [Joystiq]

Other Stuff

Monday Video

Rumored to be revealed this week along with Sonic 4‘s price and release date is its version of Oil Ocean.  Well, we have the exclusive preview.  It’s not inspired by any previous oil-filled oceans:

Enjoy your week, everybody.

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    Didn’t I coin Retro-ites (but as Retro-lites)? Whatever, this article was a good read, as I can never keep up with Sonic 4’s news. 1500 wii points, you say :psyduck:

    Oh and that last video was win

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    Pshh, of course fan feedback’s gonna end up pulling the strings of Episode II. Look at the minecart level! These guys are whipped.

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    Perfect way to start the morning.

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    lol puppies and dickies

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    Sonic 4 E1’s release date is coming this week?!?!?!? Finally!

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