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An 8-Bit F-You

Remember the console wars?  Yeah, we do. We lived them.

It’s the early 1990s.  Your old NES is collecting dust, but there’s a new console on the market, the SEGA Genesis.  It was time to put that 8-bit machine to bed in order to get your Blast Processing on.  Sonic is lighting up your television and your NES has been packed away.  What would your NES be saying (or in this case, singing) to you at this time?  Well, let’s find out:

If you like this track, please support its creator, inversephase, at this link right here.  It’ll only set you back two quarters.

Damn you, Cee-Lo, and your catchy song!  It’s too good!

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  • Reply

    This just made my night.

    Oh and…

    F%^£ YOU

  • Reply

    xD This is awesome. I Must show this to my gf tomorrow, her and I love the original song and she grew up with an NES, and I grew up with a Genesis. :3 Oh and… F&*# her too. xP

  • Reply

    That was amazing.  It was wonderful singing those lyrics in my head while they displayed.  After that, this day is gonna be good.  F*%^ you rain!  I got my NES (emulators) to cheer me up.

  • Reply

    lol, this is funny. I just set the MP3 of this as my ringtone yesterday…

  • Reply

    This just made my day. This kept me singing along!

    “F#©% YOU!

  • Reply

    My first nintendo console was a N64, actually.

    • Reply

      Cool story, bro.

      • Reply

        Really… it was.
        Had a megadrive before obviously.

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